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"Regulate" global social media technology? Weather, species, industrial calamities sampler. How to better deal with racism from an anti-civ perspective; general approach or grounded? White by Bret Easton Ellis. Use, role of fire on Homo species. Shootings, always. "This Friendship Hs Been Digitized." Depressed? More video games to the rescue. Garfield phones pollute French beaches. Resistance reports, two calls.

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"Depressed? More video games to the rescue."
Wow, totally misplaced sarcasm as usual from JZ, who denies the existence of nihil-esque survivors etching a living out of a future dystopian world. The "Fallout" games have done more to the train and prepare budding anprims for the possible future demographics and hardships than radio show or essay bloated with depressing doom and gloom predictions! emergency broadcast system alert (at the point where there's a break in the waveform)...then JZ's voice gets coarse while he coughs some phlegm up after talking about air pollution...(don't be misled, i'm making it sound more interesting that it is, but i was kinda primed for scary stuff)

There's a break in the waveform for the obvious reason that it's shutting off the radio transmission for a brief moment, which is where an emergency message would fit.

haha, yes, i know. i was merely pointing out the exact part so that anyone curious about just that bit could skip to it using the visual cue, without having to listen to the whole 1hr podcast, though it's possible by most could have guessed by themselves, though also most would be uninterested in that bit as well. i also listened to the rest of it, now i feel kinda sorry i only commented on this aspect of it...but i mean, the description pretty much says it all.


Yes, it was an emergency broadcast system alert warning listeners about the imminent collapse of civilization.

This week has a mild echo throughout . Distracting on what was otherwise a good show..
I gather that some find JZ's pessimistic sounding comments.a challenge in dealing with the show But there are optimistic aspects like comments on rewilding, music etc. How does the commentary on the bad news of the week impact the listenability of the show for you? What do you see JZ optimistic about? Honestly asking on your take on the show and JZ. And what keeps you coming back. Or not.

Please ignore previous sound echo comment. Sound player was doing it. Fixed it.
I found the second call very interesting with their topics and conclusions. JZ usually with more anthropology citations, seems to know his way around classic sociologists like Weber and Durkheim. I agree with his suggestion that the loss of Community does have various negative impacts on society.

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