Anarchy Radio 04-10-2018

  • Posted on: 12 April 2018
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)


Kathan co-hosts. Apple's lie about its clean energy. Zero privacy, digital lives. "Generation Z Already Bored by the Internet." "Ardi Walked the Walk [like us] 4.4 Million Years Ago." 58,000 homeless in LA, imperialism of modern medicine, enormous oil spills. Journey Towards the Abyss #4, BAGR podcast #6. Action news, one call.



Always loving finding new content to listen to from a radical perspective! Thanks!

You're, uh, welcome. Now go chop some wood!

"Enormous oil spills"
Get over it !

:-) Show me the curvature.

This week JZ claims he wasn't linking soybean plantations and deforestation with vegans: that the vegan reaction to his comment was the vegans not understanding his point! Listen to last weeks show and nobody could be left thinking that he WAS linking vegans with soybean plantations. This weeks show demonstrates how Zerzan will not accept he was wrong, he will not accept that he knowingly try to smear vegans, to misrepresent vegans...not for the first time either. Also, John, for your information, many vegans do not eat soy, got that, yes, many vegans do not eat soy. Disingenuous John Zerzan on the airways....ministry of propaganda. There are way more vegans than John appears to realise and the number is increasing and it isn't just about food. But, John likes to stick with his prejudices because he has invested so much of his life to his worldview. Interesting, that I did read somewhere that John gave up red meat some years ago.

If hes talking about soy, Id assume hes talking about yoga moms before vegans.

yeah, it’s about the vegan religion. not the food. not people’s health. but, maintaining militant cult ethics.

everything is alive. even plants. they too do not want to be eaten. and i’m not just talking lectins, but plant communication.

we’re also so controlled by gut microbiome. there are living creatures inside of us! they determine mood to a great extent.

there are many benefits to a vegan diet. but, because of its ideological nature, veganism has many blind spots.

for instance: one’s not just a human, but a vegan (and everyone else...including MOST other life forms are Other).

religious identity constructs are not anarchistic.

there’s a demand for an obediant hierarchy here, regardless of health (ie some people are intolerant to gluten, grains, black beans, night shades, white potatoes). vegans on here over the years alarmingly said that the diet of indigenous peoples in colder climates should be vegan, regardless of the lack of access to vegetation. this is racist, and blind to the transportation/induatrial requirements in order to convert indigenous folks to veganism in remote places.

yes, we’d all benefit moving far away from the Standard American Diet. obviously industrial farming practices need to go.

BUT there’s a whole host of environmental and internal stressors veganism isn’t really concerned with, and would rather attack individuals than solve!

for instance, the biggest risk to health is a pro-inflammatory diet. inflammation triggers an imbalanced HDL to LDL ratio.

nutritional ketosis is a tool that reduces inflammation (and works on rebuilding gut health, efficient use of calories and anti-oxidants using fasting for its autophagy restorative benefits). instead of realizing that vegans can do keto and remain vegan they’d rather spew lies all over the internet when people could use all of the life-saving tactics they can get to get away from the Standard American Diet.

as a former strict vegetarian of 8 years, veganism is useful, but vegans definitely pushed me back into eating meat. ya’ll are embarassing little christians!

So are you saying that having a bonsai tree is the same as putting a person in a straightjacket and throwing them into solitary confinement?

Ah yes the old straw man of single issue vegans whose single issue is apparently forcing POC to be vegan....not that anyone’s ever really met such people......yawn.

Those people are quite common. Ever heard of food not bombs? I know of several chapters who, depsite having regular meat surplus, refuse to serve it. One even tabled next to a church serving burgers. Guess where all the "poc" went?

Yeah, tho churches don't distribute food fromthe dumpsters. And I supposed you haven't considered the issue of meat and dairy products becoming way more dangerous than vegetables when rotten? You can die in just a few hours from eating rotten meat. Meat products are just too fucking scketchy to manage when you're just a small food collective.

Vegetable can be way sketchy also, everything that's not pulled off a tree or slaughtered where you stand is dangerous, as well as dirty utensils, jeez, just not washing your hands. Basically, developed a strong immunity system or pray for free health services or die.

Fnb survives as much on donations as dumpstering. Meat metioned above was not dumpstered, but eventually rotted anyways

Pretty nasty types. But honestly speaking their nastiness wasn't because of them being vegans, but because of them being, well, assholes. :-)

So I do not believe vegans as a community should be blamed for it.

How do I get myself to reproduced? That's right, you eat the juicy bit and spit out my seed or you may eat my seed and shit it out somewhere else. My seed can feed on the shit and grow into another fruit bush etc. Inuits, for example, live on crap like most Americans. Forget the skilled Inuit; they have snow mobiles, cookers, canned processed shite etc. Vegans do need to think about many issues; so do flesh eaters. Vegans eat less plants than flesh eaters...think about how many plants and grasses are fed to sheep, cattle etc which you then eat. Think about all the fresh water used too!

Privacy privacy privacy where for art thou privacy? There is no privacy with all the tech. How much privacy is there in a small band of gatherer foragers? Not a lot, if any. But you don't hear JZ mention this whopping contradiction!

There's actually a lot of privacy with gatherer/foragers , all that wilderness and untamed forest to go for a long solitary walk in and to ponder the meaning of life away from the tussle and bustle and far from the maddening crowd.,.

dinosaurs existed? Maybe you do believe it, as you believe articles etc even in the mainstream press, right? Maybe you don't believe it, as you believe in anarchy which the mainstream press articles never existed. What to believe? If some people claim this and that by fancy calculations...based on ever increasing complexity (and theorising) calculations etc which eventually get turned over...what to believe? This could be nihilism, John...but don't take my word for it! Show me the curvature... without smoke and mirrors.

who tell me They exist.
making-up the word together, like birds
of a feather

It would be nice to get to know JZ on the basis of "the guy down the street". Like a trivia Q and A segment at the end of the show, like how many times he's had a quarter pounder at McDonald's and if he hasn't would he be willing to try one on air and give a critique.

Gross, I know. Even worse, he watches sports! WTF. All that flag waving, dear oh dear.

Hot showers? Internal combustion transport? Cooking from the nuclear grid? One would have to be in an undiscovered tribe in the Amazon to live by the primitivist code.

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