Anarchy Radio 04-16-2019

  • Posted on: 16 April 2019
  • By: anon (not verified)


We were "modern" much earlier than thought, before symbolic culture(!) "Intentional Mass Casualty Events." New books. "A Note on Freedom" by JZ. Global energy consumption rocketing upward. City Lab touts Technopolis as 100 Resilient Cities ends. "Machine learning" writes the scripts but cursive in schools makes a comeback. "Woman at War" film, resistance briefs. (Go to channel 2 at kwvaradio website for 4/23 show.)


JZ was by himself and read/reacted to various articles. I enjoyed the show. But others may disagree. New book reviews made me want to read some.

Correcting my prior post. Carl was quieter than usual.

The symbolic actually goes back to over 90,000 years BP. How far back to we have to go before we are pure enough to be worthy of being true anarchists?

BP?? Before Petroleum??

Before Pyro, the advent of controlled fire

Wow, that's splitting chronological hairs.

that predates time. time is not allowed. if you set your time by sunrise and sunset, that’s still using controlled fire, because the sun.

I'm introducing a new historical benchmark, BLG, i.e. Before Light Globe ;)

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