Anarchy Radio 04-24-2018

  • Posted on: 24 April 2018
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

LISTEN HERE, JZ on SPELLBOUND, OPB (May 2). Critique of Graeber and Wengrow essay. Ad of the Week: Dropbox
(meaningful work"!), as Big Data means further deskilling among other things. People connected to nature take 90%
fewer selfies, lower anxiety. Geoengineering madness possibly nearing, more on antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Extreme
weather news, birds in serious decline, Atlantic circulation slows gravely, signatures disappearing. Action briefs, two calls.



"People connected to nature take 90% fewer selfies"


JZ states to overturn civilisation, we have to do more than think about bringing it down. That's why JZ and his wife, Alice, have a car. That's why JZ watches television. That's why JZ uses technology etc. Oh wait, JZ has to use all this technology in order to 'contribute??????' That's what he said, 'contribute.' Contributing to existence requires using technology! So, therefore, the anarcho-primitivists who don't use all this technology must not be 'contributing?' Hey, JZ stated we've got to do more than just thinking about anti-civilisation??? Talk about confused messages. I guess some like to do and some like to teach; some like to walk the talk and some like to go on Spellbound and spew crapola?

Well whatever JZ is doing, his voice is perfect for radio, it projects a calm and relaxed mental state, a sort of mindset one would expect from someone living an uncomplicated simple life uncluttered with technology, just using enough to get by with, leaving a very small carbon footprint and his listeners with a calm and relaxed anti-civ mentality, very mellow.,.

Which anarcho-primitivists don't use any technology?

Sounds like JZ doesn't meet your personal purity test.

but Alice is his cousin, not his can't even get that right. rest of your comment is ad hominem garbage

kath is his cousin, alice is his wife. get your corrections correct.

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