Anarchy Radio 04-30-2019


What is the spirit - or dispirit - of the times? Fear, anxiety, grief...dominant zeitgeist vibe? Fredy Perlman on racism and nationalism. Eco-disaster of the week, suicide watch. Getting dumber in the techno-world. Ableism discussion. Modern Madness by Ed Lord. Birds, measles. Action news. Zuckerberg: "The future is private." One call.

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Let's have some calls to AnarchyBang from you two. You both complain about the @News crowd and their nihilism egoism in and discuss this on AB.

so you want to start drama, and don’t like @bang’s discussion to remain on topic

I rather see a boxing match KT fresh out of spending days in the wild hunting deer with spears and Aragron the noodle armed domesticated techie.

I liked the Ferdy Perlman piece and music as always. You may not agree with JZ. But he is always entertaining and covers topics that should be of interest.

So I will disappear from view and we can all have a coke or something.
Thomas Merton's last words

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