Anarchy Radio 05-07-2019


Devastating UN report on extinctions. Greenhouse Distro. Age of cruelty, no empathy? Academics discover anti-civ. A report on Us, Relative: Scaling and Plural Life in a Forager World by Nurit Bird-David. "Done in From Within" by JZ. Cocaine in UK rivers. Connection now a commodity. Action news, four calls.

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WTF cocaine in UK rivers Soooo fucked up capitalist's hysterically high spectacle LIKE THOSE FREAKIN SOCCER COMMENTATORS THE VEINS PUMPING IN THEIR FOREHEADS WHILE THEY SCREAM SPITTLE WHEN SOME GUY KICKS A BALL INTO A NET The capitalists have channelled all these potential creative passion into an unproductive venting of insane out of focus priorities to go manic over.

I listen to JZ and his mannerisms: 'Oh Man' 'Sweet' 'Jeez' and his 1960s hippy delivery of 21st century doom, and strangely, I feel reassured... snuggled up in my comfort blanket. I'm serious. And I smile as he mentions some article about the decline of health, then starts coughing spluttering and grasps a glass water and stoically finishes the piece. Anarchy Radio, my comfort blanket. Go figure!

The worst of catastrophe structured green ideology with an obvious Trojan Horse type agenda.

What a joke this show has become. Setting aside the fact a primitivist should not even have a radio show (ugh) now he allows his callers to take over. He has always been obsessed with callers. He allows these leftist fools to take over the program. They drone on and on about some pet cause or blab about some general Marxist concern. This show is no longer "green anarchist" but a call in whine and gab fest. I refuse to listen anymore. I did not think anything could be as dull as Kevin MutherTucker's bloated and self-serving podcasts, but I was horribly wrong.

i also hate that my life is so miserable that i listened to this program in its entirety once again, but i understand that this is my fault, and not theirs, nice people just going about their radio lives

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