Anarchy Radio 05-14-2019


Kathan co-hosts. More on "Done in from Within." Industrial excrescence of the week. E. Africa trashed by e-waste. Air Buds a recent e-crime. Ferlinghetti's Little Boy memoir. "Depression is a Disease of Civ," by Stephen Ilardi. Resilience, new phony buzzword. No military solution to mass shootings, latest suicides upsurge: teen girls. Social media as addiction and enemy of thought. Action briefs.


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This show is far gone. More and more boring. When they get calls the Old Man lets the caller (almost always a lefty) ramble on and on. When they don't get calls it's like listening to cows chewing cud. Primitivism may be dead. It certainly is the walking dead. Primal anarchy, as Kevin MutherTucker likes to call it, is anything but from the gut (unless you mean a well fed white guy's gut). Even the music sucks now. Another abandoned ideal, another failed cry to the wild ....

Great use of ironic counterpoint to show theme of "disease of civilization" - Carl was right on mic, wheezing, sneezing, nose-whoosing, ca-coughing, harrumphing. Brilliant! (Hope you;re better, dude.)

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