Anarchy Radio 05-19-2020

Anarchy Radio 05-19-2020

Industrial-scale density = pandemic toll. "Covid-19 Could Reverse Decades of GlobalProgress' (!) "The New Secret to Success? No expectations," Jason Gay. 18-ton space junk falls. Sea air full of microplastics not just sea. 5G, pushed for more than 3 decades, subject to more attacks/arsons, say feds. Desire for more tools, candle-making, etc. "I think our soul craves a simpler life." Online education failing, how about life skills."Hunter-gatherers cannot domesticate anything, it's against their world view, which is based on equality and trust. Once that ideology changes, the entire structure of society is transformed and a new world is born." A new world of death is born.

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supermarket on a windy day where people are stood two metres apart according to lines marked out? Don't they think anymore? The windy is blowing in all directions and they still go through the pantomime! Is it any wonder the masses are hated by their rulers? Maybe Darwin had something after all? I pointed out the madness of it but they just thought I was being (quote) weird. Maybe this is THE moment I realised there is no hope. JZ, wake up and smell the coffee. We're going down all the way to IDIOCRACY NOT PRIMITIVISM

Got nothing against vegans or primitivists, do and live whatever way you choose, but just make sure you can walk the walk and talk the talk. I'm talking about taking on mountain lion or bear using just your skills and preservation instincts, how many of them youve still got functioning, that can you kill or be killed,

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