Anarchy Radio 05-28-2019


MOVE prisoners released after 40 years - and a Phila. caller. "When We Were Human" by JZ. Endless disease outbreaks, contaminations, breakdowns - health of all species bludgeoned globally. Army worms, African swine flu in China. Ebola, leprosy, measles, etc. Mass stabbing in Tokyo. "Will Robots Ever Be Better Caretakers than Humans?" Laura Drake blasts tech. Tech regulation, privacy: fantasies. Major mergers. Books, not e-books, on the rise. Action reports.

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Last week JZ admitted that one of his best essays was merely "a provocation." I am a writer and artist and believed every word in "The Case Against Art" to be valid. On the previous show the Old Man stated that this essay was not to be taken literally and he liked art himself. So the whole essay is tossed out the window. This is the face of green anarchy (oops, "primal anarchy," as Kevin MutherTucker likes to call it).

Hypocrisy. A classic primitivist essay burned to the ground by its author. Well, I struggle with symbolic thought and representation every day since I embraced primitivism/anti-civ as a philosophy. Apparently it is just a groovy trend whose time has passed. Maybe Kevin and John can rename it again. How about writing a book? May I suggest THE CULT OF ANARCHIST PERSONALITY - A FACETIOUS FAD.

sentimentalism, morality, and essentialism. Wolves can't be saxxon because they're not christians, nor are they vikings.

I slipped into my thousand yard stare when I absorbed and listened to this whole thread,,,,,,,,,. Speechless.

<3, and maybe a litte 8=====D for a lonely anus-hunger night

To 14:56 Saxonwulf[ sensitive artistic warrior bordering on trendy edgelord]
I like all the gloom and doom stuff personally, the Old man is correct to say that intellectual theory is worthless and meaningless when WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE.

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