Anarchy Radio: 06-18-2019

06-18-2019 [audio] Some dates/anniversaries of note (e.g. 6-18-99 anarchist eruption in Eugene). Heat waves, permafrost going fast. Rhinos, seals, insects, etc. also going fast. Brain-eating amoebas in New Jersey. Shooting of the week, (Lion Share Fund) ad of the week. Grid ever more vulnerable, undependable. Time for healing? Resistance news. Virtual celebrity, health slippages. Tech companies to lose trillions soon to cool off servers. One call.


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lol didn't he say "don't fucking touch Anarchy Radio broadcasts"?

I thought JZ stopped posting Anarchy Radio promos on anews?

What happened?

Old primitivist's radio shòws don't die and go away, they slowly decompose in the media mulch.

I thought JZ didn't want his radio show
associated with ANews (due to ATASSA and Wolfi and y'all giving up)? Has ANews deliberately put his show up without his consent (to carry the spat)? Please clarify.

if he continues to call himself an anarchist and (mis)name his show anarchy radio, then it continues to be appropriate content for this site.
there is no spat. there is just him being confused, per usual.

a more-pissy-than-the-average-bear thecollective member

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