Anarchy Radio 06-21-2016

  • Posted on: 22 June 2016
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)


Kathan co-hosts, at new KWVA digs. Cities sizzle, California burning. Orlando, etc:
Why Does This Keep Happening??" asks Obama, but not anarchists(?) ITS/RS pro-
claim dead-end nihilist meaninglessness. Hunting for alien life i.e. tech life(!) Have a
"true African cultural experience": go on a safari to see hunter-gatherers in Tanzania
(!) "Russian Robot Gets a Few Hours Freedom after Escaping a Lab(!) Shanghai
Disney opens: truly "cross-cultural"(!) Action news, upcoming events. One call, two
attempted calls.



Good episode in general. (Almost) interesting critique of nihilism, but not anywhere near good enough. Questioning whether certain nihilist analyses are "civilized" is a good starting place that should be explored. In general, I've found that, while prominent primitivists tend to be ignorant about how western their thinking is (and thus how caught up in civ they really are), the rest of the pos-left don't want to fully realize how much domestication affects their thoughts and their behavior.

Zerzan cant tell the difference between sharing within a small group of very closely tied people and sharing withing a civilization... But hey, Zerzan has long ago completely missed the point of the value of primitive life.
And what the fuck is this old bumbling buffoon trying to convince people of? ITS are evil?... YES! they're fucking TERRORISTS! they keep saying so themselves, don't you get it? no you obviously don't you lost lamb.

Get it together Carl! Turn up your aux sends so the callers can hear. Lol.
Pointless episode as always!
Excellent points about aliens though. Lololol.

"Post-modern-domesticated-nihilist, yeah, there you go domesticated nihilists are post-modern -domesticated, what about domestication? There you go, pretty obvious post-modern nihilists are domesticated and post-modern. They dont care for bystanders and sharing those nihilists, because domestication and post-modern, there you have it, yeah. Funny thing, nihilists don't share like real hunter gatherers, not the domesticated ones, the real hunter-gatherers, they're not post-modern nihilist nihilists like those domesticated post-modern nihilist nihilists. So there you go."

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