Anarchy Radio: 06-25-2019

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[audio] The case of Paul Kingsnorth. Refugees, melting, heart disease deaths up. "Years and Years" TV series - dystopian reality. Industrial explosion of the week. "Fully Automated Luxury Communism." Cities can solve climate crisis? Crab shells to fix plastics plague! Horns due to being glued to the iPhones. Action news. Buncha fine calls - and maybe a troll or two?

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I agree with you, a wonderful listen. How did John not hear what is really being said? Kingsnorth is agreeing with him...
Kingsnorth is not throwing in the towel, he's saying there is no *global* solution, the problem is global so the (not)solution has to be local and personal.


Unironically an enlightning talk. There's mention of a transcript but is it available online?

ok, so language is cancelled

¡pum! ¡cayó la piedra!




thanks, Nettle!

perhaps JZ will read it and … never mind :/

An excellent show, interesting calls and discussion, keep up the good fight JZ, and that golden voice of doom.

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