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[audio] JZ has harsh words for thecollective *gasp*. The list of horrors grows longer each day, one call, no trolls.

"Protests everywhere. 2015 Eugene police shooting of Brian Babb going to trial. "The Last Black Man in SF." Latest contaminations, extinctions, sicknesses, extreme weather. "Experience" by JZ. Grid is shaky, malware take-overs abound. "Chat benches" in UK. Monopoly game gets computerized. Resistance briefs, one call. "

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I was hoping there would be some follow up on Paul Kingsnorth's piece on language from the Emergence magazine podcast.As far as JZ's reading of his piece on Experience, I found it to be filled with so many quotes from so many writers that I found it difficult to detect a theme.Oh, the problems with language.

i thought we settled on no fire, language, nor civ

why are you languaging, firing, and civving???

On the butt hurt accusations over the years...
After years of accusing us over email that we weren't posting your stories because we had a problem with you, you now are broadcasting that the problem is that we're posting your episodes.
Let us clarify something for you. Your show is called Anarchy Radio. Our project re-posts and posts stories by, for, and/or about anarchists, frequently whether we agree that they're anarchist or not. We do not ask permission from the people we re-post for a number of reasons, perhaps most significantly because if it's online, then it's open to the world, by definition. We also don't ask permission because we stand by the anarchist ethic of decentralization and we support having more forums for discussion, *especially* of things that are by, for, and/or about us. For example, if it had been possible to post this response on your website, then we would've put this open letter there. As it is, here we are.
If you are serious about not wanting anarchists to talk about your show, then you are certainly free to change the name of your broadcast, and perhaps stop calling yourself an anarchist as well. Probably no one has coined "wild primalist" yet.

What "stories" did JZ ask you to post? You mean his writing? Or the Anarchy Radio episodes?

JZ isn't asking (all) anarchists to not talk about his Anarchy Radio show, he is simply asking YOU (meaning a-news) to not post episodes or links to his show because he does not wish to be associated with a-news anymore. Since you do not post links or episodes to every and all other existing anarchist-related podcasts or radio shows out there anyway (even though you do your best to post as many as you can), it seems you are singling his show out. JZ asks you not to post episodes, but you do it anyway just to spite him.

No wonder he doesn't want to be associated with your site anymore.

it seems pretty evident at this point that the project of anarchist news is to promote division and online drama and stroke some egoist egos. i certainly understand anyone not wanting to associate with this site. yes, i know this will be deleted by 'the collective'.

how nice that you can make that comment somewhere. congratulations on finding such a warm embrace for your super important opinions.

Hey, JZ won't have any problems with our own new wild primalist lonely hearts dating site where we can get to know each other and exchange badass feelings together, anarchists included.

The feud between ANEWS and ARADIO demonstrates that anarchists can be as mean,vindictive and as petty as anyone else.When did this Crazy Train start to go off the rails? Hard to say. In 2006 Zerzan referred to Aragorn as "my friend" during a broadcast of Anarchy Radio.In 2019 Zerzan said he had "zero respect" for Aragorn.I guest it started with the first issue of Black Seed which challenged the assumptions of anarcho-primitivism and came to a head over the publication and distribution of ATASSA whose editor was outed as a fraud by 325 NoState.
What I am looking for is a variety of Anarchy that asks the right questions rather than an Anarchy that has all the right answers to the wrong questions.

Link is blank

funny how you make the change about things that were happening with anews and lbc, rather than with jz and his own personal changes.
if they're invisible to you (or not easily summed up) then they don't exist, i guess?

What is this thing called a fraud? What and where is the authentic anarchist?

What is this thing called love? What is the authentic lover?

clicks etc? I genuinely believed ANews would do what JZ asked of them: to stop any association between both. Interestingly, KT still appears to be posting his material to ANews!

to create a little buzz and he needs it because the show is a sleeping pill.

Our project re-posts and posts stories by, for, and/or about anarchists, frequently whether we agree that they're anarchist or not.

Let's have some honesty. Everyone knows what this project is about. It's to feed the trolls. I admit to being one of them, but at least I'm honest about it.

What about all those times "thecollective" said they couldn't fix links to the recordings of Anarchy Radio because something was wrong with the submission, but now you can do it all on your own? You couldn't fix them before, or you didn't want to fix them before because why exactly?

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