Anarchy Radio 07-10-2018

  • Posted on: 11 July 2018
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)


Kathan co-hosts. World heat wave, ways to poison planet. "Strikingly humanlike" foot of 3.3 million year-old 3 year-old. Human No More book: anthropology in an increasingly place-less cyber world. High-tech Nagano, Japan, a ghost town. ES-100 from Tanita tells you if you smell, renders noses obsolete. Should children be polite to robot voices? Hyundai - "a new mobility is coming." Action briefs, three calls.



To the caller Loraline: get off your high horse! What do you have to fear by risking a felony? A nice middle class gringo like yourself, likely without a criminal history of any kind, would surely be plead down. Especially with the right attorney. How privileged and clueless are you that you fail to mention these families are facing felonies for trying to escape violence and drought? If anyone can afford getting fucked with by the cops, it's you Loraline. Pure cowardice!

Oh SNAP #calledout #quityourbullshitloraline

Wow! Ever thought of becoming a counsellor/therapist? With non-judgmental attitude, you would be an asset? Loraline, isn't it about time you felt guilt and disgust for being who you are? I mean, you could be like Nihilist who is ................ (fill in the blanks).

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