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"Summer cancelled: Heat, Shootings. Bizarre current stuff from Lovelock, Kingsnorth (and Lyotard). Plastics everywhere, species not so much. Tech and its "vast digital underclass." S. Korean "You Tube Dad" when human connection has gone. "From Red Anarchism to Green Anarchy" by JZ. Action news, one call."

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There comes a time when even the hardened primitivist must take hold of the crutches that modern industrial medicine offers for the faultering and diseased human body.


What I mean is that every primitivist, if faced with a real illness anď death, will end up taking the cure or operation provided by modern industrial civilization, and even the Marxists will accept treatment from doctors and a health system which only functions with a strict division of labour within its hierarchy, cos death and mortality ends up awakening people to the frivolous nature of iďeology when compared to the value of life.
So why don't they just give up all their posturing and look for a balanced nonrecuperated alternatives within technology, instead of negating medicine as causing overpopulation, develop and spread birth control knowledge and infrastructure.
I agree with the dismantling of the militarist development and industrial agricultural practises, there are many good JZ ideas.

#notallprimmies, just the smart ones

I love how you framed it "even the marxists" as if any marxist ever has turned down life saving medical treatment because of capitalism. That's not a thing. But I do know some green anarchists who had an "oh shit!" moment with a pregnancy and decided natural home birth was stupid at the last moment.

I wonder how can you call "green anarchist" someone who accepted to have a baby, especially in the context where there's zero fucking arguments that stand up to the loads of eco-anarchist arguments against doing so, besides some unquestioned feeling.

Newsflash: contraception and abortion are a thing. Also require much less medical resources to achieve. What are you... some Christian Youth!?

shit happens

don’t blame the victim

men are at fault for impregnating

they should be responsible to keep it in their pants and take care of their own sterilization

But unless there was rape, women are equally at fault for trusting the wrong men in impregnating them.

Which is, far too often, the sorry choices they do. Putting their trust into the guys who're good at self-promotion... nice talkers... you know these types.

You know them all too well.

Umm no, I'm not sure I " know these types " Do you mean the guys who wear overcoats and whip out their dicks? You know, I don't associate with that milieu, its just not my thing!

So your argument is an ad hom play-the-hypocrite card? As if individual choices were the answer to systemic problems. This is getting real old. You sound like my old crusty conservative uncle.

There are no "balanced non-recuperated alternatives within technology". All modern technology is produced through authoritarian means. Unless you have a way for people to produce the same techics from scratch by hand, without the coercive incentives of the carrot or stick, then we can safely ignore such facile critiques.

"As if individual choices were the answer to systemic problems. "

I know right? For as long as the system remains unchanged it's all good pretending being eco-anarchist while at the same time consuming, polluting, ride your car for getting anywhere, produce more more more babies. What you is irrelevant even to yourself 'til the Revolution or the Collapse. Then after... only after you will be able to afford the lofty praxis of living by your ideas and applying your critique to the real world, comrade.

what you *do*

07:49 I know right? To avoid being a hypocrite and live a morally pure self-righteous life, and to live up to your standards of political purity, an-prims should not live in cities, only hunt and gather their food, not use any technology they haven't made themselves, not use any form of mass communication, transportation, or medical science, and poop in the woods. Of course, this all means they will be chased off land by property owners, the federal government, oil companies, logging companies, mining companies, etc, will be arrested for stealing food, for hunting without a license, fishing without a license, likely labeled as domestic terrorists, hunted down and shot, or simply thwarted from accessing any means of survival. In which case, they will die swiftly after adopting their individual lifestyle consumer choice. Nothing they do will influence the world, or change anyone in any way. Nor will it be effective in stopping climate change, pollution, or species extinction (since we both know these require systemic and collective, not individual, efforts).

But hey, at least they will have died for their cause, or more accurately, YOU'RE cause of individual life-stylism, and will be morally pure.

If only... Your knowledge of an-prim had anything to do with the actual an-prims in the real world instead of a buncha first-level stereotypes, Dr. Bigotty.

This is gonna sound *arrgh,* an individual who says, *arrgh,* , " moderation in everything will fix these problems " ,,,*arrgh like my conservative uncle.* says don't drink too much, don't smoke too much, don't buy stuff you don't need, doñ't over eat sugar, salt and fats, don't be greedy, keep the same old car, don't keep up with the Jones, don't be lazy, moderation is the secret, *aaarrrgh* don't have more than 2 kids so population stays level, when in fact, just these simple things would do a lot of good. Thanks old conservative Uncle JZ.

08:11 Those nostrums of advice have nothing to do with political conservatism. My politically conservative uncle says things like:
"Get a job with good pay"
"Just worry about yourself. Look out for number 1"
"If you are against oil pollution and what oil companies do, stop using use oil" (they never say how, since oil is in everything)
"Climate change is a hoax"
"Don't worry about pollution. You're going to die of something eventually anyway"
"Get off my lawn!!"
"Deport all immigrants!"
"Kill niggers!"
"What's good for corporations is good for America"

I was using the informal casual nomenclature, so I'm correct in a relaxed non-anal-retentive sort of way. But hey, let's just say you are completely correct and you win, and I'm an idiot, mkay?

"I wonder how can you call "green anarchist" someone who accepted to have a baby"

seriously? a self-identified green anarchist is - in your mind - supposed to never reproduce? seriously? unless you are a voluntary human extinction adherent, that is the lamest shit i ever heard.

i mean, i get that this planet is horribly overpopulated, and imo people need to have less babies, period. but i'd rather see a ga give birth to a human that is raised wild as possible, than a fucking yuppie millennial (or any rich fuck) having 4 or 5 perpetuators of this nightmare because they can "afford" it.

ideologues suck.

there is a pesky voluntary human extinction adherent consistently visiting this site, and had posted many memes on anokchan.
unfortunately they don't lead by example, they annoy by nagging.

Is going to take care of this problem, and the yuppies will not be spared.
"Savages", however, have been a great asset to any ecosystem they are part of. In Africa/Eurasia, this has been the case for 1.8 million years.

"seriously? a self-identified green anarchist is - in your mind - supposed to never reproduce? seriously? unless you are a voluntary human extinction adherent..."

Yes, seriously... Ooooh dear lord, yes, yes and fucking YES.

Not being sarcastic one bit here: People who aren't even questioning themselves on the matter of having babies are just pure fucking sheep; gettin' with the program, i.e. conforming to the (highly-shallow) social norms and morals in order to (???) reveals a complete lack of individuality and especially SELF-OWNERSHIP.

In other words, while being green anarchist doesn't mean you can't have babies (there's no dogma written anywhere about it), to not be even drawing a serious critique of the action of producing more humans in the current context of eco-devastation, and an intense mass consumer system like you got in the global north means you most likely don't give a fuck about green anarchy beyond its accommodating face value of getting laid with this crowd of anarcho-hippies or that particular person who's with anarcho-hippies and/or zerzanites. Having babies has deep fucking consequences. Not just on "the Earth", the environment, but also on your own fucking life, AND (prepare for a moral onslaught...) on someone else's life. Fucking duh.

Just remember you're a human being. Which means a devious bastardly animal who can make a lot of hypocrite and bullshit choices out of denial and lack of self-respect. Yeah, even Billy Joel was right: honesty is such a lonely word, yeaaaa... everyone is so untrue, yeaaaa... and still ain't *convinced* things are different in the context of NA eco-anarchist circles.

all of your peanuts have now been thrown and many green anarchists still happen to not be antinatalists … so, sorry to disappoint?

I personally agree with you, by the way but I'm not going to chase my friends and acquaintances around trying to shame them in to unbirthing their children. #backtothewomb

"but I'm not going to chase my friends and acquaintances around trying to shame them in to unbirthing their children."

What tells you I'm doing that?

Why so suddenly just a hint of critical questionning about the very act of making more babies means to be an "ideologue" or be full despotic moralism -or whatev- up against anyone in my surroundings who has babies?

I'm sensing I'm hitting a sensitive cord through these knee-jerk reactions... Where there's a lack of reason you often get some deeply-ingrained sentimentalism that's only there to cover a void. The reason being that where would lie a solid cause for having babies we instead find ourselves looking at the Great Canyon.

But okay... I forgot one likely argument that might convince someone to have babies, beyond that shallow sentimentalism:


Or money.

Government handing you over a nice check every month for raising another baby. Or giving you fatter student grants.

Then end up a few years later neglecting your kids because you just had them out of desperation in response to economic pressure. That you and your lofty ideals didn't end up paying off as much as you thought... then maybe a baby or two will make things better, right?

Right. CPS has got a monopoly over what is "right"... sadly. Because in the first place, it was the same STATE that first gave you the providence for raising your child. Then you've proven, as most poor people do, the human weaknesses in not raising them according to their social demands, letting them ask money to suspicious adults in the streets, getting abused by child molesters, then who knows what worse, given your geographic location...

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