Anarchy Radio 08-07-2018

  • Posted on: 7 August 2018
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)


Arcata weekend. FIRES. Schools now feel need of mass shooting insurance. Read my "The Puzzle of Symbolic Thought." In-depth report on CHAGS conference. Action briefs, two calls.



In this conversation, one can hear the longing for the male to take his rightful place in the world as the hunter. Not one word was uttered between the two about women. Always man the hunter never gatherer/hunter. Here you can feel the testosterone flowing between the two of them: man to reclaim his place as the head. Even anarcho-primitivism is male oriented. Oh, and the whatever tribe are being shot on sight for not killing an elephant or rhino but just for killing an antelope!! You see antelopes are worthless, right? And what happened to using primitive ways; a rifle is not primitive. I wonder how many indigenous women get to be heard at these conferences? First to be heard will be the male white academics and then down the hierarchy, right?

they're criticizing JZ and friend, right? i'm not stoked about their critique, but your post is just an obvious redirect though.

It sounds like this troll is criticizing both the conference and JZ and JVL simply because they didn't happen to mention women. Just like they didn't happen to mention blacks, or latinos, or asians, or non-binary trans people, or incels, or quadriplegics, or midgets, or whoever else he was concern trolling for.

Hey you forgot he didn't criticize psychopathic CEOs mmkay?

I wonder how many indigenous women get to be heard at these conferences?

That's a criticism of the conference. Right in the show audio it is mentioned that people living outside of civilization as hunter-gatherers attended the conference. I would assume that it's not just all white males from these populations outside of civilization and that other attendees actually speak with them and let them speak since that is what anthropologists do.

to represent this perspective are white able bodied males with beards oddly enough. You are right, these white men talk about themselves as a group, that's their default, as is emphasising 'man the hunter' Anarcho primitivism appeals, primarily, to white males who feel they have lost their manliness and are desperate for the chance to puff their chests out and bring home the carcass/kill. He wants to stand there and take the applause of the tribe, see the smiles of approval from wife and the admiration from his children, especially his son/s. That's a big part of it, like it or not; admit it or not. They can't help talking about hunting hunting hunting. Listen to KT. They never talk about building huts, gathering plants, making containers etc; it's always hunting and how to make arms for killing. After 3, let's all do a big grunt. Ready? 1... 2... 3... WWWHHHHOOOOAAAAAAA! And beat that chest! Harder! I said HARDER!!! And relax.

in order to survive most places? That's right...YOU! That's how fucked up we are.

Literally thousands upon thousands of different endoparasites.

as we live on the earth: the skin is their home, their food etc. As the earth is our home, our food etc. Endoparasites are born complete so to speak. The skin is their environment it's not something they need to protect against colder climates! Maybe, humans should've stayed within their climate range? So, yes, clothing is another technology JZ doesn't like to mention either. Also, over the how many years he claims we lived in 'our natural state', maybe all that cooked food (another technology) changed us gradually overtime unleashing a symbolic mediated world? Had we stuck to berried, fruit, nuts seeds etc and stayed within our 'natural' climate, we may not have ruined it!?

into new territory. If it can do so with success, it will. If 10 people shipwrecked on a deserted island, and that island had a carrying capacity enough for a maximum of 15 people to live there indefinitely, then the moment the population reaches a number over 15, there will be only two options - either people are going to have to start dying of starvation, or some are going to have to move elsewhere. If there is another island visible in the distance, you had better believe people would start looking for a way to get to it. Once the limits have been reached and the load imposed by a given population can no longer be supported by the immediate environment, it is either expand outward, or starve. So your thesis would thereby equate to: perhaps humanity should have elected for voluntary starvation. Fantastic thesis.

What if polygamy is permitted? Materialistic capacity doesn't consider social arrangement. Polygamy is more sustainable than monogamy, and uses less energy.

Homosexuality also means no population increase, thus more sustainable. Why are X-tians so negative and doomsday orientated, like everything one does is a sin, even on a desert island some X-tian dood is gonna make rules for everyone! DAMN!

This is some bad ultra-liberal theory. Of course gay & lesbian couples are less exposed to be having babies than hetero couples, but as far as the institutions of the couple and the family are reinforced by LGBTQ social recognition then it legitimates having babies even more. Ancient Greek society was predominantly homo, yet they were using women as procreation slaves kept at the gynecea... It was one of the most misogynist societies in history. And today you may have plenty of LG couples having babies through either insemination, instead, which isn't much better as it negates the role of the other procreator, while still making newborns.

So adopting children in general seems to be the best option against the continuous population growth, on an interpersonal basis at least, and that's independent of the sexual preferences of couples. Tho it requires usually people with high social standings and stability to be doing that.

Yeah, gays who adopt babies are in your words = "usually people with high social standings and stability to be doing that."
So, the ultra-liberal theory's praxis (old word) usually focusex on saving the world for their exclusive tastes.

Also, can't wait for the next Idpol How to Save the World theory which will probably have some gay couple training to fly to Mars to have test-tube children there from the DNA of Muhrican celebtiries.

Yes, some do seem to have this self-serving notion, as do many humans, of how the world should be according to their own inclinations.

The fact socio-economically well-off people will be favored in adopting kids has little to do with their orientation. I was just saying that gay couples who're more priiviledged will be more likely to be granted adoption than piss-poor gay people living under highway overpasses. Are you doubting that gay people can be socio-economically privileged!? That'd be quite a feat! Lotsa gay bourgies in our sophisticated urban environments, you know... And if they're adopting kids that's all okay for me. Who really wouldn't have liked to grow up in a posh environment and going to private school and all that?

Its just the self-absorbed hetero brats that the kids will be because bourgie kids always rebel against their parents orientation. Sad to have to endure identity politics as a child when childhood is about, well, being yourself, an infant individualist!

Hermit crabs know not what they do. SO FUCKED UP!

Hermit crabs need to isolate themselves to be able to molt. They will often climb under the sand (which we recommend since it is their natural environment) or sometimes a piece of wood. They like a moist environment for this. They are protecting themselves from predators when they become soft. They will completely loose their outer shell and shed it and grow a new skin which hardens to a shell. Their exoskeletons are usually found near the molting crab. It looks similar to a dead crab but is hollow if you look real close. Do not remove it as they eat it when they are finished. This is nourishment to them.

nice try! but hermit crabs use scavenged mollusc shells

as Mr Fitzpatrick did in his FRR days. I think he's dropped his extreme 'comparisons' as he is only a young dude trying to figure 'it' out!

In fact, there is not much difference between the soul of the ant and the human soul, if you take it from the genetic perspective of having a code of survival and disregarding the probability of mutating to a cognitive level where thinking has no effect on random catastrophic events, and emotions are just babble which hide the fact that all living things have a psychpathic tendency in various intensities. Take revolutionary warfare for instance, and compare that to the soldier ant and their armies.

'Scuse me, there are no gay ants mmkay!

Scxuse aunt is gay. mmkay!

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