Anarchy Radio 08-15-2017

  • Posted on: 15 August 2017
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)


Alice and John do the show. Charlottesville weekend; How big is the fascist threat?
Scary civ news of the week. Our 8 days in New York. Modern humans in SE Asia 20,000
years earlier than thought. Google uber alles. Action news, one call.



wtf is alice doing hosting an anarchist show? even she would never claim to be one. power to the museums!

"Modern humans in SE Asia 20,000 yrs earlier than thought" WTF. Who composed this sentence? If they were up to date with their anthropology and maybe had read some Jared Diamond they'd realize that modernity is an abstract label which has zero relevance in the context of organic cognitive and physiological psychological evolution. This is so totally moronic, its almost nationalist propaganda,,,,,,Zerzan should have known better,,,,,,he's like an inverted Trump,,,,,talk about taking binary politics to the utter extremities of their oscillating opposite absurdities.


This particular show was fuckin' dull. Also, has anyone else noticed that JZ is 'sickly' on his shows of late...a lot of body fluid noises such sniffing, snotty, coughing, sounding bunged up, nasally...not good. And ITS was mentioned again WTF! I was hoping to hear about the Q and A from his talks etc, not memory fuckin' lane!

What the hell is with this shit? It's not about incrementalism, there is no threshold where antifa becomes justifiable. Even under threat of full fledged fascist takeover and dictatorship, it's still liberal fantasy in defense of capital and the state.

Antifa is defending capital and the state? Please get back on your lithium.

Antifa exists within the same atmosphere of state-and-capital as any holier-than-thou @news commentators who claims "antifa is unjustifiable" lololol.

I don't really like such a totalizing view, but it's valid enough, and it does a good job of exposing whatever "pure anarchy" position that the OP idiot is promoting as liberal fantasy in itself.

I will handle every last one of you in a debate about anti-fascism defending the liberal state or not

You haven't ever and will never "handle" debate. You just toss out disturbingly alt-right sounding memes ...

What is truly disturbing is the way that, increasingly on this website, ideas deviating from Left anarchism are denounced as alt-right. Being anti-progressive, anti-Left, anti identity politics, and whatnot does not make one alt-right. Hell, the alt-right even overlaps with certain traditionally Leftist ideas (e.g., nationalized healthcare).

Do y'all actually know what the alt-right platform is? It is White Nationalist Socialism. The "alt-right trolls" (emile, Sir E, Le Way), as they are now called, are not promulgating White Nationalist Socialism - you can dislike them, say they are annoying, say that the things they say are objectionable in various ways (I myself find some of what they say annoying and objectionable), but they are not White Nationalist Socialism and are therefore not "alt-right". What Zhachev said above and what I have seen them say elsewhere is not "alt-right".

Let's not descend into weird, paranoid denunciation.

...a game of Warhammer 40k!? lol

As it appears to be the fantasy realm where your Pure Anarchy, cleansed of antifascism, is rooted into.

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