Anarchy Radio 08-28-2018

  • Posted on: 29 August 2018
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)


Cliff co-hosts. Early symbolism but Homo not defined by it. Lure of social media fading. North America's first high tech sex doll brothel. Apocalyptic forecast for California's environment, California student suicide string. Four calls.



That Steven Pinker-loving caller sure was an idiot, but man oh man that response by JZ and co. was depressing.

SUDS, I thought your questions to JZ were apt and it demonstrates just what is the purpose of Anarchy Radio. It would have made for an interesting conversation between the hosts and SUDS instead the show continued in the usual way. And for JZ to cut SUDS off like he did was indicative that Anarchy Radio is surface dialogue of little interest. SUDS, you did try to converse with JZ and by doing so, you exposed Anarchy Radio for not bring a spontaneous show but one which is prescripted and actually doesn't want people to call in with anything worth listening to.

use of domestication of fire and homo-sapiens 'development' and colonisation of the's always about domestication BUT NOT fire, NOT the domestication of fire. To raise this, JZ would label you as stupid. Without domestication of fire/combustion, it would be so much different but that's just stupid!

Seriously people this domestication thing has gotten a little out of hand. It started with a mature analysis from Camatte and others in the 70s but now it's just getting silly. If anything there needs to be some agnostification on the issue of domestication-as I said in my deconstruction of Gillis' grain text domestication and taming also correlate with neoteny and neoteny was a nice animal aggression inhibiting development-as opposed to a further silly rabbit hole analysis such as this fire nonsense.

As Bob Black said in his beatdown of Harold Barclay instead of blaming the big man why not blame the big bang. Fire in this instance is a similarly stupid contrived blame for the fact that the physical world is pregnant with information and novelty and the potential for something like complex species being. Fuck why not go full anti-natalist at this point.

There's no reason why anarchy cannot exist regardless of fire breathing novelty. Ultimately existence is both novel and entropic and that's something that everyone has to deal with in their own way. Blaming fire is not exactly a sophisticated way in my eyes. Create you're own unique novelty as existence, evolution and entropy dance. At least these things don't judge.

The Anarcho-Primitivist critique of civilization rests,in part, on whether its critique of symbolic culture is valid. Cliff discussed symbolic culture in the context of the articles related to the discovery that cave art at three different sites in Spain were produced by Neanderthals rather than modern humans because they have been dated to 64,000 years ago- 20,000 years before the presumed arrival of modern humans in Europe. He also discussed another article that had to do with "ecological plasticity"- the human capacity to adapt to different environments without the aid of "symbolic culture and technological complexity ." I use quotes because I'm not sure if these are Cliff's words or are from the article. At any rate, Cliff concluded his remarks with this interesting takeaway: Maybe there is a correlation between participating in electoral politics because it reinforces the authority of that system with participating in symbolic culture and technological complexity because such participation reinforces those systems of authority. I think the correlation is tenuous at best because there are millions of people who care nothing about elections but are firm believers in technological progress. For me the debate is about whether symbolic culture, especially language, was and is an indispensable element in creating and maintaining the solidarity and mutual aid that characterizes the lives of nomadic hunter-gatherers. I lean in the direction that it is an indispensable element. As for technological complexity, we need a detailed examination of the multiple layers of that complexity. Same goes for symbolic culture with its many layers. Then there is question of the relationship between symbolic culture and technological complexity. It can be argued that the latter depends on the former, but it may be possible that in order to reduce technological complexity to as close to zero as possible we will have to use some elements of symbolic culture as a means of achieving that end.

The A-P critique of civilization does not rest in part, or even at all, on whether the critique of symbolic culture is valid. A-P is above all an anarchist analysis of society taken to its logical conclusion, namely, that civilization itself is the main source of authoritarian relations.

The critique around symbolic culture is simply John Zerzan's personal theory on the origins of said civilization and alienation. But since anarchic hunter gatherers all use language and have a rudimentary symbolic culture, it would seem that the issue of the symbolic is largely moot when it comes to an anarchist analysis. It's a side issue, and doesn't really matter. One can be against civilization and still endorse symbolic culture. There's nothing inherently alienating or authoritarian about the symbolic.

The paper, by scientists from the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History and the University of Michigan, suggests investigations into what it means to be human should shift from attempts to uncover the earliest material traces of ‘art’, ‘language’, or technological ‘complexity’ towards understanding what makes our species ecologically unique.

Yes, I've read that paper. It downplays the significance of symbolic culture in defining the uniqueness of humans compared with other animals. It doesn't say anything about connecting the symbolic to authority. Thus it doesn't contradict what I said.

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