Anarchy Radio 08-29-2017

  • Posted on: 29 August 2017
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)


Hurricane Harvey - a "natural" disaster? Chomsky now a primitivist; The Chiseler strikes again!
Global over-heating/extinctions/air pollution/recalls news. Forest Defenders R back. Cliff at Seattle
Anarchist Book Fair. Stephen Pinker: Enlightenment Now(!) Action news, one call.


JZ wants you to give him some substance by way of an example! Aragorn! is out of the crosshairs........for now!

Chisel is going down. The JZ Power Hour will DOMINATE the little itty bitty anews podcaset. So fucking postmodern, with your subjective no truth take on the world. "Blah blah blah, I'm a nihilist anarchist that wants to start my own business with ancaps, they have such great ideas" Civilizer!

Actually, JZ needs to answer all these TERF and polio accusations being thrown at anarcho-primitivism on social media. Also, what's up with his misogyny? The women on his show, Nietzsche would've thought were typical weak women with dumb minds, who probably would be better getting JZ a coffee and a donut to fit his cop attitude. No wonder he doesn't respect women, whether they are cis or trans. I don't think the TERF accusation fits since he wants to send us back to the stone ages of patriarchy. Like, stoning women, because he's such a stoner.

Stone ages of patriarchy? Lol...what an idiot.

Hes not a terf. you can drink pregnant mare piss.

JZ ain't keen on the Enlightenment. JZ ain't keen on postmodernism. However, he is more than happy to let the ancestors have their own subjective views of the world based on all kinds of hocus pocus. Postmodernism gets hit by all sides as an easy target yet all sides use postmodernism for their own arguments too. Jordan Peterson, for example, detests postmodernism and states anthropology is riddled with it. JZ would disagree with that. See what I mean! Primitivism must be losing some followers. JZ the closet snob. The wannabe recognised intellectual is getting very bitter in his old age. His time has been and gone. He writes a book calked 'Hope' which is incredible to anyone who listens to his doom and gloom contained in his weekly show. Poor Karl having to listen to it week in week out.

What's wrong with ancestors having their own views of the world? You realize postmodernism is not the same thing as subjectivity, right?

If you're not acknowledging the problems (i.e. doom and gloom?), you're not paying attention.

Well, the good ol' ancestors brought us incrementally to this doom and gloom of today. And subjectivity, including identity and language, is intertwined with postmodernism. It's strange how JZ has even gone wild camping from what he says: he's lived practically his whole life without embarking, in any sense if the word, on having an intimate connection with the land. He is a wannabe academic, a writer and that's it. He certainly doesn't walk the talk. I'd better watch I say, he has two baseball bats!

"Well, the good ol' ancestors brought us incrementally to this doom and gloom of today. And subjectivity, including identity and language, is intertwined with postmodernism"

Two false assertions, boldly stated, and support by....nothing.

I think you're wrong. It wasn't little green men who brought us fire, civilisation, doom and gloom etc?
There's nothing wrong with what I've written on pm.

I a man wondering about John's thoughts on the issues brought up here: Betsy Hartmann, The America Syndrome: Apocalypse, War and Our Call to Greatness. Issues about the peculiar American apocalyptic orientation in the world. Now, I generally agree with many anti-civ points, but I find John comes across with a lot of this American apocalyptic vision in his radio show. Betsy fleshed out the many way she Americans express this apocalyptic mindset (see ) and John seems to check many of the boxes. John, have you ever thought about this cultural critique of American psychology as it applies to you political philosophy? Just curious! Thanks!

This show is definitely for those who need their fix of depressive 'news'. I listened to the show a couple of years ago and John's repetitive themes got to me in the end and so I stopped listening. Recently, I've tuned in again, listened a few times and already I know I will be tuning out again. Nothing has changed regarding the presentation of his show. How he remains (or makes claims of being) optimistic while he has, on a weekly basis, reported and ranted on 'we're all doomed' is mind boggling. His 'action news' is always based on counter-violence. Where are reports, stories even guests bringing some positives such as land projects, squats, even a weekly spot on indigenous people around the world. I think of other podcasts such as Final Straw, Rev Left Radio, Which Side Podcast who have a varied show with invited guests. Sadly, John's show in the Stone Age, well past its sell-by date.

Another podcast is Anarchist News which has guests and is not a mono drawl of negativity. I'm amazed JZ manages to get out if bed with weight of doom. Imagine being at a dinner with him? Fuck, I would lose my appetite. He reminds me of the Christians who frequent the main shopping areas handing out flyers about doom and gloom and salvation. I listened to Layla AbdelRahim on Revolutionary Left Radio. She and the host were far more interesting to listen to. That show was approx one hour. I didn't want to turn it off. John needs to change the format. He won't. He's stuck in his ways. I wonder if Cliff will take on the show at some point?

JZ's monotone gloom makes me want to put my head in a vice and squeeze all depression out of it onto a deep-sea sponge and mail it to all the shamans residing in New York ,,,,,,,,

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