Anarchy Radio: 09-10-2019

  • Posted on: 11 September 2019
  • By: thecollective


mentioned Paul Kingsnorth yet and, minutes later...he did! I have to say JZ bemoans Kingsnorth 'giving up' yet what does JZ actually do that's any different from Paul Kingsnorth? And there's Kathan bigging up Neil Young rant on vinyl buying better than a compressed music file and, nothing said regarding both vinyl and MP3s need industrialism to produce both and both are symbolic and representational: not the real thing. Nothing said. Consistently inconsistent I guess.

I keep listening with the hope it'll finally make sense.
But every week John reads out a bunch of headlines without providing any context for why they fit together, and more to the point, why they fit together for anarchists.
This week, after reading some headlines, he says it shows a blanket distrust of institutional authority but he uses a tone that sounds to me as if he thinks this is a bad thing. (?)
At another point, talking about the UK he says the Brexit debacle has lead to people loosing all faith in politicians, again, with a tone that sounds like he thinks this is horrible. Huh?
Then he mentions an auto recall and says it should be easy to build properly functioning cars and I'm scratching my head because isn't John a primal anarchist?

But at least he mentions the new Negativland album.

maybe his deadpan sarcasm is too dry? i wouldn't know, i didn't listen to this


oh boy

Well, this would be the generous take. I just can't seem to locate the sarcasm. He comes across as angry that the world is falling apart, like actually we all should be more civil and become primitivists in a nicer way.

in the words of JZ "huh...that would be uh something"

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