Anarchy Radio: 10-01-2019

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I could have put this in the Resilience TOTW but after consideration: regarding how much JZ mentions anthropocentric climate change, I thought I'll post here and hopefully, JZ will respond on his next show?

First up, JZ have you ever heard of Tim Ball? As you like academia, I could say Dr. Tim Ball? Have a listen to where Dr Ball discusses diet: the global diet is shrinking in terms of variety; something you have also mentioned many times. Dr Ball agrees with JZ.

Dr Ball argues that climate change is a lie in this interview. He has several presentations on YouTube too. He is resilient in that he has reportedly spent all his retirement savings in defending his name and evidence in the face of a monsoon of IPCC/Government backed 'information'

Listen and watch what he has to say. Consider it.

I find it interesting how quick JZ is to poo poo so much of mainstream propaganda but is ever so willing to adopt anthropocentric climate change? Does JZ understand all the science: all what he is being told to believe?

James Corbett of the Corbett Report also has some very interesting videos of this media phenomenon. One of his videos asks how is it even possible to measure fluctuations all over the earth's surface and also be so accurate? He has a point and a very good video illustrating it. At least James Corbett is willing to look at the other side of what what is being told and provide food for thought.

Then there's the out-of-nowhere phenomenon of Greta Thunberg! An 'ordinary' 16 year old who within no time at all is invited to the table by all the big wigs. Cory Morningstar has an excellent and very detailed account of the rise of Greta at

Morningstar reveals the intentionality behind Greta being so high profile in a matter of weeks.

Morningstar's research into Great et al is divided into two volumes containing several acts.

Could all this global warming kerfuffle be a ruse to resuscitated a dying capitalism? There's the mega push for a 'Green New Deal for Nature' after all...lots of jobs!!! ...lots of new tech... industrialization of new lands, the seas, rivers, hill tops... the internet of things via 5G so the looming technocracy can keep its eye on who is doing what, who is using what, when, where etc?

And, of course, we're going to need more is where the legitimate expansion of GMO comes in. Indeed, all this will be voted in: to save us, to save the world. All Thunberg talks about is C02. What about military industrial complex Greta? What about shitty work or starve Greta? What about rentiers Greta? What about mass society/population growth Greta? She doesn't talk about this because she is being manipulated by those around her: she is just a front and it's being sold and bought before our eyes.

So come on JZ, let's have some critical thinking instead of the usual show.

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