Anarchy Radio 10-02-2018

  • Posted on: 2 October 2018
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)


Mark Harris, addiction counselor and local activist, for the hour. Dope, racism, psychology, health, anarchists, history. Three calls.



Racism is a mental illness?? ("Co-Occuring Disorder" says interviewee?) What would Dr.Thomas Szasz say? What would R.D. Laing say? What would Jerome Agel say? How about Louise Armstrong? Or Paula Caplan? Or Tana Dineen? So-called "mental illness" is a mystification in the service of the State!

Saying "problems in living" or "difficulties in living" is more honest, i think. Why not at least say that?

"Addiction" is also a mystification. See: (a scholarly debate)

If anyone would call out the "disorder" beach-head (of neo-colonialism) i would think it would be anarchists, especially Zerzan (old enough to know better! Having ostensibly seen their shenanigans rise and fall..)

To try to label people who are stupidized (and divided) as "mentally ill" (their brain is "broken" or "imbalanced")(no mention of what a "Normal" brain looks like and how such can be used as a reference point). Mostly you have a new RELIGION in the social sciences across the board!

Well worth reading: THE THEOLOGY OF MEDICINE by Dr.Szasz, which really takes a deep WHACK at the theological games of so many of the social sciences.

Do you think i'm "jumping the gun" on this? i do recall the interviewee discussing "the mental illness of slaves wanting to run away from their masters" (but didn't mention the label, Draepetomania)...

Social Science, bottom line, reinforces the sleight of hand games of State (and its puppet masters, Misery Loves Company).

Overall, an interesting topic to chew on. i just want to make sure to keep exposing the reality that many of the younger generations of anarchists have been soaked (virtually) in Rollback values and beliefs, and the social sciences have been one of the main leading co-opters on that, infiltrating the "progressives"/Left, as there's certainly "a germ of truth". The recurring challenge is that such is hardly discussed, it seems to me. Sure, Democracy Now! for example, interviewed Gabor Mate, challenging one aspect, if i recall accurately, of the social sciences.

Good to get that all "off my chest"...even if it reflects my limited listening capability! (oh well!)

Re: The anarchic mocking of people with "hope"; some of us see that there is more to life than what we have been led to believe. Even when/if we have no "chance" of survival as a species (or more likely, the super-rich will survive while the masses die off, likely a dream of the Machiavellians), the way i see it is that this life can be viewed as prep for future lives.

Why not?

So you practice and do repetition with this "psychology of winning" approach, this "moronic" positiveness, no matter what. You don't let Misery Loves Company overwhelm. Like prisoners caged, we can liberate ourselves internally, at least!

(And i happen to be one person who used to get death threats a lot, and all kinds of hatefull bullshit projecting at me. And I've effectively "dropped out" anyway....)

SOURCES for the idea of singing to water to clean it:
Book: The Hidden Messages in Water,
by Masaru Emoto

(note: I don't necessarily "buy" the author's ideas, but if you find the book, look for the pages where he mentions the facinating example of Japanese people singing to a lake and actually clearing it of a toxic algae bloom!

anarchists criticizing psychiatry. I wish there was more of this and more literature as such.

Try: (they have an excellent library page!) (also, links are pretty broad) (psychotherapists in the vanguard, but gives a good voice to survivors of psychiatry) ( many individual DJs and shows under this title!) (big list)

There is no looming apocalypse and this is very easy to deduce - if there ever was then a true crisis then Zerzan would have to approve online assassination markets over blunderbuss mail-bombings. John is our bird-brained canary in this coal-mine.

There's no looming apocalypse because the apocalypse began 200,000 yrs ago when mankind's ancestors began speaking and organizing. Ever heard of the selfish gene and the psychopath gene, THESE ARE EMPIRICAL FACTS! Mankind will NEVER be ideal but will ALWAYS BE A MURDEROUS entity. People ARE born insane and mean, and if you're a man, in self defence, you are going to TAKE THEM OUT if they come at you. You have to GROW BALLS if you want to have any chance to NOT BECOME A SHEEP OR SLAVE!
Primitivists HAVEN'T YET GOT THE STUFF to survive in the CITY ghetto let alone in the wilds. Some pervert who the SJW released from prison messes with your family, you do your innate tendency AND TAKE HIM OUT! My apologies for the vehemence, I'm actually a cool gentle guy, just get so riled sometimes.,.

Perhaps the only empirical fact here is you acting upon a tendency to TAKE OUT someone you consider a "pervert".

Yes you got passed by reality in your goody-goody-two-shoes world !

I'm not judging. If someone wants to kill a "pervert"? Fine. Though the "pervert" might kill that someone, and that's fine too. I was just questioning the usage of the term 'empirical' in relation to the biased assumptions for an internal narrative. I would suggest to anyone not to dress their shit up in unnecessary glitter. What has anyone got to prove?!

Ok but data supports a 5% internal narrative, broadly speaking made up of alpha males, who project significantly upon social authoritarian structures legal or otherwise, just saying.

I violently reject all that social-Darwinist crap since it serves patriarchy and reaction ever since Darwin. In this I feel I'm in good company with the great Pytor Kropotkin who took point in deconstructing political social-Darwinism.
That said ' competition ' does play a role in evolution and helps winnow and chaff biological organisms. The way I reason is that roughly 33% of the population will basically agree with me politically - 33% will generally disagree and 33% will procrastinate endlessly and prevaricate like crazy ( as we see here now and then )
That leaves 1% who are crazies and hermits ( Hi Zerzan )

We should team up and start a commune......Just joking :p

singing to water to clean it...? really. come onnnnnn.

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