Anarchy Radio 10-09-2018

  • Posted on: 9 October 2018
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)


Landmark UN study: Enviro catastrophe soon. Delusions of democracy.
Robotics follies, academic journal hoaxes, orca collapse. Alarming health
news - as Facebook pushes into remote Africa and 250+ die in pursuit of
perfect selfie. Action briefs, 3 calls.



How dare this fraud debase the good name of anarchism with his " END of DAYS ' nonsense combined with pro-terrorist propaganda?
John Zerzan hasn't been close to anarchism for nearly twenty years - isn't it time this shit was pinched off?
JZ you suck - go die.'re just trying to get on his good side. Quit sucking up to JZ.

aside from the "go die" part.

could work together combining their perspectives: both being vegan primitivists, they may spark some interest from the disillusioned, young, energetic vegans? Hunting, arguably, does not appeal to many people; gathering, on the other hand, does.

gather insects, aquatic bivalves.

plants alone do not have a complete amino profile.

Ever heard of Spirulina?


no b12 in that stuff.

and a lot of it comes from trying to find an industrial use for blue-green algae. so much of it is coming from china these days. there’s cyanobacteria found in many samples. for the neurotoxin risk alone (as someone that lives near areas of algal blooms) i’d recommend avoiding this industrial product.

there are side effects with spirulina.

once again: industrial infrastructure needed (with little by way of long term studies and safety standards), versus immediately bioavailable in one’s surroundings.

Do you happen to know where they source their profiles?

I got into eating bugs for a minute, and I was surprised (though I guess I shouldn't have been) how contentious this was among vegans, freegans, animal liberationists, etc. Anyway, ants taste like lime. I've been told it's the ascorbic acid.

What is the song? Dead Parties?

hominids acquired their b12 for millions of years by consuming anything that touched soil, like eating tubers & drinking from creeks. Civilization altered foodways, and now certain nutrients like b12 are acquired either by supplementing directly into human bodies or indirectly into bred nonhuman animal bodies slaughtered and partially cremated to be consumed into human bodies.

why so much misconception on anything vegan?

If you bite your fingernails you get enough B12, anxiety FTW.

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