Anarchy Radio 10-23-2018

  • Posted on: 23 October 2018
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)


UK mobile phone network's campaign against growing anti-tech sentiment in society.
ITS unmasked further. Liminal by Natasha Alvarez. 700,000 year-old rhino butchery
found in Philippines. Oceans, health undermined. Microplastics in your stool. Art signed
Algorhythm on sale at Christie's. Resistance briefs, two calls.



Would you like to expand on the ITS unmasked story here please, John Zerzan? It's relevant to the foul stench surrounding the Unabomber , Aragorn and possibly some more of your moronic nihilist friends who left anarchism years ago and who all hate the Left.

Pro-rat... Anarchism is not Left. There lies the forced relationship you're imposing between post-left people and post-anarchos. Very simple.

Not all anarchists want to waste time and efforts creating a stateless society through podcasts, demos and bookfairs. You're referring to some shitty tradition of Western liberal kids with a culture of flimsyness and sassyness that makes them afraid of direct confrontation, who can only feel strong when in groups and do shit in the company of others. In so, these are very much like your maoist comrades, dude.

I feel you on how underwhelming podcasts and bookfairs can be but groups are objectively stronger, dude. It's not about "feelings".

"groups are objectively stronger"

stronger in what way? you mean 4 people can apply more physical force to an object than 1? maybe. but beyond that, not necessarily. it all depends on the context in which you are comparing an individual with a group. i can think of many situations where an individual can accomplish more than a group, quicker, and (very relevant) with less risk.

The head of an individual is always harder to steer or manipulate than a group's communications. If I wanted to... I coulda brought entire lines of riot pigs to their knees, all on my own, for a while, just with a few ingredients that very little activists are crazy enough to think about. But organized groups always had this tendency to shun "lone gunmen", and see it as detrimental to their struggle.. they may even turn repressively against those, and behave like another level of policing.

Such disregard is one of the major problems of contemporary activism. If they would be open-minded enough to look into the worth and originality of every single individual initiative, then support it, activist groups would have become unstoppable and a real threat to Power. But they just love to degrade the person, as they are degrading the person in themselves. They'd instead be worshiping personalities...

"I coulda brought entire lines of riot pigs to their knees, all on my own, for a while, just with a few ingredients that very little activists are crazy enough to think about."

Sure skippy. Lol...I think you've been reading way too many comic books.

broadcasting compliments to Aragorn!...whatever next? I thought JZ's respect would have been much lower; Aragorn! you gotta try harder. Did Aragorn! support ITS? I thought A! was just adhering to his free speech ideal but then again, A! is withholding an interview he did with Keith Preston, so I'm confused. Care to clarify, anybody?

Why doesn't LBC carry any of JZ's books?

Huh, JZ tryin' to bad-jacket LBC by intimating that a Berkeley(, San Francisco?) IP-address means they're ITS? Not really thinking JZ knows how an IP address works anyway... here is a link for JZ to keep him going until next weeks edition of Anarchy Radio Is this the American Dream? This what happens to people who spent just a couple of months listening to Anarchy Radio!!!! Beware!

Good to hear the plug for Natasha's novella. I was so moved when I read it that I posted my response on my blog:

In the Anthropocene two grippingly linked yet opposing issues are humans’ Earth reconnections and systems collapse. In her novella Liminal put out by Black and Green Press, Natasha Alvarez effortlessly merges these provoking themes. Liminal dons a nervy plot with wholehearted characters in a soothing yet unsettling setting. Natasha Alvarez reminds us how to be a loving, wild lover and mother, while showing us how to let feral love inspire courage and commitment to ultimately stand for Earth and our own species’ survival. From start to finish she pulls you in to take you on an intensifying ride toward wild. As your ethical mind scurries through dilemmas and principles, the story pulses along with Earth beckoning in the background for this stunning narrative to keep coming truer and truer.

Even when you realize that a piece of your heart is going to be ripped out and possibly never returned, it’s impossible to close the pages on this booklet. That’s because Liminal speaks the purest truth that Earth calls us to know while shining a light on the most doable way forward.
I’m not a huge fiction reader, but I’m up for any writings with an anarcho-primitivist bent, and this is the most hopeful piece of fiction I’ve read, more convincing than Ecotopia. Liminal does not draw another form of a gentler civilized future, but simply points the way toward the immediate next step required for any feasible future, with humans taking responsibility for transitioning Earth out of our caustic civilization madness, and trusting that we have learned our lesson well enough to opt not repeat it. Earth needs Anthropocentric humans to read this novella, to surrender to it. Let it transform your heart, mind, soul and life in one sitting. Liminal sounds a clarion call, if only we will hear it.

Is a “clarion call.” The purpose of the novel is to ask questions not show a path. The novel is about sustained meditation on the most complicated and confusing and difficult aspects of being. If a novel gives you answers then you are truly a fool reading with an agenda, fuck that. The novel is the place where moral judgement is suspended. With that said, I disagree. Liminal is a beautiful book for its exploration of complex questions, paradoxes, and contradictions. You embarrass yourself by finding a path from this book for it lays no path.

That someone as ideological and fixed as a vegan anarchist primitivist(sorry excuse the laugher) doesn’t read fiction. Learning to read fiction might take the stick of morality that you have shoved inside your skull

To contain the PR damage, Radio Anarchy’s advisors just suggested Zerzan immediately downplay his Unabomber relationship and distance himself from the problem.
Analyst Jack Aragorn suggested just the opposite. “If they ask if you were friends,” he counseled, “say, ‘No, he was a good friend.’ If they ask if he was a good friend, say ‘We were lifelong friends.’ It would give them no place to go. Nothing to report. No story.”

with Aragorn! evidencing his zero respect and then see if it any validity via the comments section. And yet, JZ goads Aragorn! to call the show??? Is your invitation still on offer for JZ to guest on The Brilliant?

why is (almost) everybody so fucking nasty to each other here?

That's the final lesson of the internet. It's actually better to feel "unsafe" while relating to others.

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