Anarchy Radio 10-30-2018

  • Posted on: 1 November 2018
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)


Nihilism not an ism? Horror show of this week's news. Americans spend more than 90% of their lives indoors. 3 million plastic bottles and bags produced globally - per minute.The Ringtone Dialectic by Sumanth Gopinath. The Language of depression and anxiety rules the internet. BIG recent push by Silicon Valley parents to keep kids away from all e-outlets at all times. Action news. Electric grids not only spread wildfires but caused them in CA. UK surgery students lack all dexterity skills. Google now completes your messages.



Even one of America's most esteemed milquetoast social-democrats is talking like Zerzan and me. This is JUST about climate change - not topsoil degradation/destruction, forest degradation/destruction, water/aquifer depletion/contamination and all the rest. (Working in a Knowledge Silo, Stiglitz may not even have a grasp of all this, and their coming convergence. "Savages" don't live in Knowledge Silos. "The savage mind totalizes.")

Guardian, 11-4-18: ". . . climate change - which he says presents the strongest critique of the capitalist system." Quotes: " ' It reminds me of Jared Diamond's story of collapse on Easter Island . . . We're doing the same. The magnitude of the dysfunction is unbelievable. . . . Particularly because the way you would do it would actually stimulate the economy.' "

When Great Depression 2.0 really bites, stimulating the economy will be a BIG issue. In my case, I doubt my "reverting to savagery" will help any.

Like Warhol said, everyone will watch the end of the world on a screen, 8 billion ripping and roaring all over your backyard.

Fantastic show this week. It seems like the "Language of depression and anxiety rules the internet" does not apply to JZ's radio show, which projects a sarcastic humorous "I warned you all about this you morons nah nah na nah nahhh" attitude with an intentional ironic deadpan delivery. I totally agree with this and laughed along with all of the satirical skits of the show, and thought it would be great if it got to Broadway and really impacted the global zeitgeist.

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