Anarchy Radio 10-31-2017

  • Posted on: 31 October 2017
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)


JZ reads "The Prison of Symbols." Record CO2 surge in 2016, Gulf of Mexico awash in oil. "Climate change is much, much worse than we thought." Anarchists fiddle while Rome burns. Human caring in pre-history. New AI religion: Way of the Future. "Leave Someone Behind? Your Car May Soon Warn You." Saudi Arabia grants citizenship to Sophia the Humanoid. Taro card fad. Action news, two calls.
PS contact Cascadia Forest Defenders at



I know you hate me but please put up the description(?)

I know you hate me but please post the show's description(?)

you're the one who can't figure out how to post things.

oh, snap! don't let the hater get away with it!
and are "taro cards" like taro chips? i didn't know you could make cards out of taro root, but i'm sure they'd be pretty tasty

Oh come on, what do you expect from an anti-tech primivitist? Lol..

I sent the description same way I do every week. Not the first time I've had to ask you to post it.
As soon as I did , it appeared. Your snarky comments reveal that you don't like Anarchy Radio, not my failure to provide what I sent you.

without letting you know that they're fixing them. but when in doubt, feel free to assume malice.

If you're not letting him know that you're fixing them, then that falls on you, not him.

But its still some echo of JZ's syndicalism showing through after all these years. Doesn't he even remember his own essays concerning cultural acquisition during the formative years of childhood? Didn't he live with his mother into the 3rd decade of his tenure upon this earth? What Freudian-esque monsters may even lurk there if one wishes to even extend the investigation into archaic Marxist psychology?

What the actual fuck?

JZ was never a syndicalist, he wrote an essay on Unions Against Revolution, and I have no fucking clue what your comment has to do with sending in a radio show link and description to @news for upload.

before he wrote that, jz was a union organizer with progressive labor, a maoist outfit. probably not a syndicalist in the anarcho sense, but he was definitely pro-union. ger yiur facts straight before you make an even bigger fool of yourself

You're telling ME to "get my facts straight" when you just admitted that your claim that JZ was a syndicaist was probably wrong.


I'm not a hard person and can tolerate opinionated sectarians in the same room, but what REALLY irks me is the fact that JZ, who projects this rugged primitivist grizzled mountain-man persona, is actually a smalmsy little mommies boy who wouldn't be able to hike more than 500 yards in the mountains without a paper bag of mommies cookies and a back-up team.

it falls on us to reassure him that things he doesn't understand doesn't mean an evil god is out to destroy him? i don't think so.
and yes, some of us would rather him know that he doesn't know (since he can't figure out that he doesn't know on his own), and some of us don't think it's worth the aggravation of his sad accusations, when it's easier to just fix things and move on. never the twain shall meet.
except in thecollective!

I'm curious as to the logic you're projecting here.

"We don't like JZ, how do we really screw with him... I know, when he posts show notes, we'll remove them! Then, when he asks us to put them back, we'll pretend it wasn't us, and do it right away!"

Like, this seriously sounds like a thing someone would do to you?

Exactly, it's almost like they are deliberately trolling JZ.

when stories are posted, they don't necessarily show more than a headline on the front page (even when the full story is on the story page). jz can't figure out the summary part of posting a story, so someone has to do it for him.
you sound as paranoid as he does.

still want to know about those taro root cards...

You can get poker cards made out of edible rice paper which may satisfy both your culinary and entertainment requirements in one hit,,,

Wow, I thought the whole purpose of pursuing a Primitivistic lifestyle was to attain a certain level of psychic serenity, but hah, taking deep breathes and negating formal organized protocols because they are a symptom of industrialization is obviously not on the rewilding agenda,,,,,,

Yeah, JZ is showing he is just an offshoot deviation of the leftist mindset. His former syndicalist leftism comes back, time and again, expressed through cultural patriarchy and chauvinism. His dismissal of tarot cards is part of his endorsement of science and seeing gatherer hunters as ideal from an *anthropological, scientific" perspective, not from any attempt to embrace actual gatherer hunter life.

His complaints here are probably because so many women voices are now being posted on the Anews podcast and too many women with opinions bothers JZ if they don't tow the A-P party line. He might accuse some of witchcraft soon, which wouldn't be outside his quasi-academic approach to freedom as a science and not a desire.

Yes indeed, let's base our social analysis on Tarot cards rather than science!

Down with science, up with alternative Trump 2020!

One can be comparative with knowledge something scientards don't understand.

Tell that to Non-dualist logician. he's the one dismissing science holus bolus.

I loved that bit about the million y.o. skull of a severely disabled person and the implications. Great stuff John!

Was that the skull of Romulus or Remus?

Anyway, the logical prediction concerning CO2 levels entering the exponential rate of increase is that its a runaway event, and throw away all your previous smug extrapolations, its going to briefly get a tad warm, THEN plummet into a major ice-age event in a very short time, we're talking 20 years. Take out a bourgeois mortgage all you radicals, the banks will be going down the gurgler along with 99% of the Western infrastructure. Stay warm and hug as many people as you can, develop your social skills and refine your emotional intelligence, thats the only thing that's gonna save you.

It's not as if we haven't been hearing about that since Paul Ehrlich and the 70s. When the collapse happens it happens.

Yeah but this is really soon, an actual ice age in 20 years. We're going to be living in igloos and eating whale blubber in our lifetime.

I mean, you can just dip your toe in the doomsday prepper pool without going whole-hog and buying one of those luxury apartments in an old missle silo.

Just learn and practice the basic skills and you'll be more of a badass even if there's no apocalypse. It's win-win!

you should cover how destructive technologies from like 30 or 40 years ago are. It would be way more powerful and less like you are a grumpy old man if you railed against things like cassette tapes and VHS tapes instead of jsut smartphones all the time. they're both just as bad as one another, right?

and don't forget about toasters!!

and don't forget about the friends and family you'll never see because you don't toast your bread around a communal fire-pit anymore, civilized sicko.

Oh my Goddd, toilet paper, the Horror, the Horror

you don't need toilet paper, **taps head** if you don't have toilets.

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