Anarchy Radio 11-22-2016

  • Posted on: 22 November 2016
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)


Fifth Estate, Submedia-TV, even Leonard Cohen, come under scrutiny.
More Dead Cops. North Pole last Thursday: 36 degrees above average.
Post-election hate acts - what to do. Peak Oil?? Apps for doing good, for
avoiding death-by-selfie. Philosophy Talk, Ad of the week. Action news,
one call.



At end of description: should be "two calls" not "one call"

This podcast deserves more than 175 listeners. Greetings from a few in Holland.

It has more than 175 listeners. "views" only measure downloads. Give it a couple weeks and there will be even more. Plus I assume the show has many live listeners both in Eugene and streaming.

Tell local PD that your trump supporting uncle has been downloading CP. even if they haven't it will get them offline for a while!

Before there were any farms, there were ant farmers.
Did their agriculture lead to ant civilizations? Are we socially most similar to ants?
What is JZ's rebuttal to "ants are farmers, so agriculture is not a unique original sin of humanity but a survival strategy practiced by other species as well? Asking for a friend."

probably that we are not ants. The idea that its a survival strategy is goofy to me as agriculture is really fragile, and all it takes is a drought or a plague of a plant illness or insects and your crops are completely destroyed and you go hungry and in agriculture today you make no money. that's why you always hear about farmers panicking when droughts are happening or if a plant plague starts. where as wild plants tend to be more resilient during those things, John has mentioned before on his show that there have been cases where a drought happens and while the agricultural orientated societies starve the more gatherer orientated societies aren't nearly as affected. the reason for this is that agricultural societies have a reliance on limited number of crops for their diet where as the Gatherer societies aren't limited as there are a lot of edible plants all over the place. Also Humans tend to look to other species to justify their behavior all the times (while simultaneously considering ourselves to be completely unique which of course makes no sense), its always "oh look, this other species is doing something that we can sorta put in the same category as something we do so that means that we are supposed to exist in this way and have no choice, but to just except this behavior". The problem is that 1) human's despite pretending to be objective (which is something that its impossible to be) interpret the behavior of other creatures with whatever ideological lens that they subscribe from the society they exist in and 2) behaviors of all creatures can change if the context they exist in changes so behaviors are not set in stone, meaning that just because a creature exhibits a specific behavior now doesn't mean it was always that way.

In other words we should all behave like extras in a Cecil B DeMille epic movie? Yeah Okaaaay, thaaaanks.

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