Anarkos - A Brief Introduction to Anarchism

  • Posted on: 1 November 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href="">Indie Gogo</a>

A Word from the Director -

Short film includes original interviews with Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Russell Means, Sharon Smith and others. It was created to support a multi-part, non-profit documentary series on anarchism, to be released for free online. Due to its short length, we could only scratch the surface of the subject matter.

If you would like to help this project come to fruition, please visit our crowd-funding page at -

We have done quite well so far but have a ways to go. There are ten days left in the fundraiser. Thank you.</td><td><img title="movies are dumb. everything should be on posters" src=""></td...
<iframe src="" width="500" height="331" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe> <p><a href="">Anarkos Pre-Trailer</a> from <a href="">S DN</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a>.</p>


"Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Russell Means, Sharon Smith..."

What the hell ?

This documentary should include Chris Hedges talking about Anarchism. It would match the range of writers talking about Anarchism.

Yeah except when not making statements about how best to protect peoples immediate interests Noam Chomsky does a somewhat desent job of explaining theoretical.libertarian socialism while calling on people to rise up,, organize and take control of the means of production. Actually he wrote an article for Al Jazeera this past summer making an open call for people to rise of and overthrow all existing institutions. Even while being very adherent to his socialist upbringing he still abstractly slams state socialism in every aspect as well, as well as anarcho capitalism.

Noam Chomsky is an Anarchist, get over it. He's just too old and from too different a background to be able to bridge cultural gaps generational gaps whatever. On top of which there's something to be said about his influence. Hes just useless for us as a reference point.

Noam Chomsky endorsed Jill Stein, Green Party Candidate for President.

And he's a computational linguist. Gross

Wait... did the folks making this film manage not to include a single anarchist being interviewed? Look I think Russel Means made some really crucial points about European ideas and thought processes being entirely fucked but 1) his critique was directed in part towards anarchism (justifiably, but still the point stands) and 2) wasn't he like a LIBERTARIAN PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE?

His critique of Europe was totally crucial to my current political understanding, don't get me wrong. But between him, Chomsky who supports absolutely everything that could be positive in any way from the tinniest reform up theoretically through "anarchism", and everyone else, this is starting to look like yet another very.... interesting @ doc.

Guess I'm late to the comment party on how none of the interviewees are anarchists.

Thanks for doing this!

Ok, ok, this doc seems like it is actually perhaps surprisingly well put together, avoiding a lot of the clumsy wingnuttery that often taints so-called "anarchist" documentaries. While there are still some awkward parts in the preview, I'll give it props for being mostly coherent and serious looking.

HOWEVER, it is anarcho-cyndicalist, with the usual hues of anarch-pacifism etc. thrown in! Figures, that they would be the only folks able to get their shit together enough to put together a half-decent doc.

But seriously, what gives? Is cyndicalism regaining some lost ground? I kind of don't think so. As such I imagine that these folks just put together a doc that ends up pushing by now one of the least "representative" pieces of the anarchist milieu into the spotlight. If a lot of non-anarchists do end up watching this I can only imagine how flustered they will be when the real life anarchists they end up meeting keep being predominantly insurrectionary, anti-civ, ELF or ALF types, or other flavors of anarchist, rather than cyndicalist...

syndicalism is, from this day forward, to be referred to by all trolls as cyndicalism.

Also, shutup marsh.

maybe they meant cynicalism? or perhaps cyndicalism is some form of cynical syndicalism? just a thought.

You must be outside of the US, because in this country, the insurrectionaries only live on the internet. I hear they go offline to knock over a newspaper box or glue some locks shut everyone once in a blue moon, but then they go online to put out a communique and you never hear from them until they negate their next trivial inanimate object. I'll take them seriously when they knock over a bank or armored car.

Should be a riot based on the list of who's appearing. Many of the people on the list have said hostile things against anarchists at various points. At best, they represent a shitty brand of left "anarchist" thought.

Maybe it'll win an oscar for best comedy.

Why not use a real name? Just curious.

You hate on pretty much everything here.

If you had any balls, you would use your real name. Face it, you're a little coward.


You must be new here ...

I'm the director.

I conducted most of the interviews a few years ago.

Once again I must stress that this isn't intended to be an over-arching film on anarchism. The 20 minute-limit-precludes that, hence the need for the series itself.

The short film is mostly intended for people who think anarchism equals chaos.

I was just hoping for some support. If not, I understand. It's not a huge deal as we have already achieved 5/6th of our (revamped) goal. But yes we need help. If you think it's a waste of time, fine, But check out the outline and film before passing judgement.

Should go without saying that most of the people who comment here are assholes or they pretend to be while they're here. So yeah, any hostility you encounter doesn't reflect much on your work or anarchism or even this site. Also, most of us are broke as fuck.

No offense, but I have come to conclude that most people posting here are idiots.

But some of them are only pretending to be!

*Why they fake it, I can't say. People just like it better that WAAAY*

The project is awesome and I have been sharing around the trailer already. We need better media x1000000, so please keep doing what you are doing. What we need is a national media collective which includes art/digital/video media folks. I would be willing to put money towards something like that.

Agreed. As someone stated above, this doc apparently tends to represent the kinds of anarchist opinions that reflect a narrow range of anarchism exactly because ivory tower anarchists are the people that will show up on time and hold still long enough to give coherent opinions on their views and facilitate a professional-looking film. Breaking The Spell is still one of the better pieces produced about north american anti-globalization street radicalism (and ostensibly insurrectionary anarchism) and that was a long fucking time ago now.

Why is it so hard to make films about truly radical street politics? Lots of reasons. When I tried, there wasn't enough going on. When the big social ruptures happen, everyone's too distracted by the reality to document it themselves, so a-political (hopefully sympathetic) media people tend to spectate from the sidelines and produce a lot of footage with shitty analysis. Submedia(tv) is still the shit because the Stimulator is a tireless machine but he's been doing it too long.

Anyway, I agree that we need more films that are accessible to people who have almost no analysis, but just because Chomsky gives a good interview doesn't mean he's got his finger on the pulse. Also, abstract theory like syndicalism doesn't appeal to very many people.

My ideal would be a bunch of riot porn and youthful passion that fused seamlessly with some solid analysis ... dare to dream, right?

I really don't think it has to be a dream, we have plenty enough people who can articulate shit well, have been propagandists for years and are willing to get shit done. Anarchist art is fucking lacking hard right now when are movement is full of artists. It makes no sense. This documentary is going to be good, it needs more on the ground folks talking about big ideas. That would be my critique but at the very least something like this is happening.

There needs to be a national group of sorts that funds/commissions or whatever anarchist art/video/media projects.

If there ends up being a national anarchist art group, it should be run by Andrew Yeoman.

wasn't familiar with this person till you mentioned him. Thanks for the idea.

Yeah, Andrew Yeoman was big in the San Fran East Bay with his racist right wing antics that he called "National Anarchism." I think he might have been at a San Francisco Anarchist Bookfair trying to sell books (either him or another conspiracy nutcase.)

I don't even know he's around anymore. He was at a white supremacist gathering at one point:

Oh, so I responded to a dumb troll comment.


Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

Just a general comment -- learn to use commas. Your run-on sentences make you seem like a putz. Moreover, learn to argue actual arguments in support of a thesis. Your ramblings are simply simply.


Go back 2 OkCupid

I get the impression they write in that vernacular simply to insult people. They seem to be actually very practical as well as occasionally quite strangely eloquent, and sometimes the only person that's willing to openly point out inherent hypocricy. After hearing three cases of possible rape/apologism this week I can't help but feel that there's some merit to what they're doing. On top of which his borderline satirical style eases the possible devicive points he brings up and people quote him and his obnoxious platitudes left and right. I somewhat miss his rapping rabbi phase.

I think the point is that if you want him to take you seriously enough to put four minutes of effort into writing a coherent thesis you should do a better job of illiciting his effort instead of embodying all of the negative destructive attitudes you purport to reject in conventional mainstream society but projecting an image of yourself built on the higher abstractions you obsess over to avoid dealing with the problems nearest you.

Plus he hates you and usually only checks in while he's sitting at work on his iphone with nothing better to do to talk shit

"The short film is mostly intended for people who think anarchism equals chaos."

We really need to be affirming that it DOES equal chaos, not this hippie bullshit you seem to prefer.

You're a little vamp kid; go put on your little black eye-lashes and bat wings and such, and leave discourse to the grown-ups. Ummkay? Ummkay.

Yeah, you should have more revolutionary discipline and be more hetero-normative like the members of WSA and the IWW. They know what's up. They collect dues and shit.

So, can we clear something up here? Are people who would generally be considered "hetero-normative" supposed to affect a different identity to get their anarchy points? And is this in any way supposed to be considered anything other than patronizing to people who are not hetero-normative? Please, do tell.

It's cool, dude, just wear glitter at parties.

Like that movie "the littlest vampire"?

I like the kid in that movie. He's probably all grown up by now.

Also, this documentary looks shitty shitty shitty and you should feel shitty for panhandling to produce it.

Give up and become a professor or a green party candidate already.

But why use non-Anarchists to talk about Anarchism ? It further confuses people. People who publish for Anarchist magazines, do Anarchist radio or television, etc., those are the people who need to be interviewed.

Noam Chomsky gets way too much air time to push people to vote Green Party, etc.

How many people know who Dot Matrix, David Graeber, Jason McQuinn, Jon Bekken, Aragorn!, Cindy Milstein, Kevin Carson, Leona Benten, John Zerzan, Ashanti Alston, Kevin Tucker, Lawrence Jarch, Todd May, Maia Ramnath, Ramsey Kanaan, The Dream Collective of Horizontal Power Hour radio, Bob Black, Jamie Heckert, Lorenzo Komboa Ervin, or James C Scott ?

There's others I didn't mention.

People in relationship to Anarchistic media.

much Goth love, from Raytown.

oops wrong article...

One more dishonest product from the Left.
Everyone's an anarchist these days...even if most are still leftist/statist and NONE of the contributors to this
crap collection are.
So many are "post-left" too, equally meaningless. Still in bed with the corpse that holds us back.

Get out of here, Ted Kaczynski !

Be careful, he'll sick Grandfather Rabbit on you. Or the Postman.

The Postman is very good.

1) Deliver mail based on a fraudulent premise in the post-apocalypse for your own selfish ends.
2) ???
3) Democracy beats fascism!!!

As someone loosely connected with this project (not the director) I'd like to point out this part of the mission statement:

"No particular strain of anti-authoritarian thought will be held up as the superior model. . . A major goal of the project will be to "crowdsource" the films' contents as much as "crowdfunding" the production... to paint a thorough & accurate picture of contemporary anarchist-inspired movements and the individuals who sustain these movements."

In other words, suggestions welcome... what would you like to see?

Ever heard of anarcho-primitivism, which is moving to replace classic, leftist, productionist anarchism??

Nobody gives a shit about how agriculture is oppressive.

Man! Lighten up on the intestofascism!

Yeah. Anyone in particular that you think would articulate the philosophy best? I gather that the kids are not pleased with DJ these days, not sure why exactly but he's had plenty of airtime anyway.

How are you guys doing with that 5.5 billion dead thing lately? Last I checked the world population was growing, and it needs to be reduced to meet your prefigurative program.

you know nothing of primitivism as clearly demonstrated by your comment, "the world population was growing, and it needs to be reduced to meet your prefigurative program".

primitivism is not a "program". it is a critique.

plus, last time i checked, even the god of industry himself won't be able to sustain a growing population (in the billions), as we are living on a finite planet. fucking idiot.

No, it's a program once you get into the finer points of it. The vast majority of the human race has to die off for it to even be a plausible alternative. The god of industry is capitalism, we're working on killing that fucker. Whenever you wanna take some time out from your game of Magic the Gathering for Green Liberals (primitivism) and help us with that, feel free. Until then, quit wandering around positing your fantastical, misanthropic, prefigurative vision of an atavistic future as "anarchist".

primitivism offers no way out, no answers, no programs, etc.

primitivism is just a study-a critique- of what primitivists deem to be the origins of this mess.

"misanthropic, prefigurative"---- you don't know what the fuck you're talking about. it's pointless to engage with people who haven't even read the material they are critiquing. this is a fucking moronic caricature that was popular maybe 10 years ago with mass-org anarchists that never gave the time of day to actually engage with primitivist literature.

I'm don't even identify as a primitivist, I just can't let people talk out of their ass... especially here of all places.

People probably don't take the time to engage with primitivist literature for the same reason they don't read the Bible- it's all fantasy and conjecture.

kind of like 95% of anarchism?

The primitivist critique is "all fantasy and conjecture" - just like the right- wing climate change deniers!
Lefties see connection to the earth as "hippie garbage" - no wonder the kids are goin' green and leaving
the 19th century believers in Progress (from Chomsky to the anarcho-commies) behind. What is fantasy
and garbage is the idea that mass production and mass society can ever be healthy or free.

mainstream environmentalism and lifestyle primmie garbage - all the caricatures are true. it's even more moronic than anyone could have imagined.

nihilist primitivisto for the social war and commune here

as long as none of those three terms are actually enacted i'm sure everything will be just fine.

everyone just wants an easy way out.


Primmo-Fascism, the new ideology to draw in the overcrowded youth who are frustrated about sharing the internet with 6 other fellow dwellers because of their facebook committments and their reluctance to get out of an armchair, i.e. post a reply about vain and egotistical desires on time to remain relevant, because having a vegetable garden is sooo,,,,old and boring.

"How are you guys doing with that 5.5 billion dead thing lately? Last I checked the world population was growing, and it needs to be reduced to meet your prefigurative program."


Capitalism, Syndicalism, Communism, any "ism", can't sustain a population that grows exponentially, indefinitely when we are on a finite planet.

It's not even a matter of debate, it's fucking common sense. Get some.

Okay, so we're solid on that whole no more population growth thing, but as I've stated in order for primitivism to even be theoretically feasible, 5.5 Billion people or so have to die. How are you gonna do that? Primitivists never answer this question, and I find that hilarious. It would be scary if Primitivism had the possibility of ever gaining ground with anyone other than white middle-class organic food co-op volunteers who like to build cults of personality around old hippies, but we both know this isn't the case.

you aren't going to sustain 7 billion people on this planet no matter what social/cultural structure(s) is guiding them. just because its unpleasant to you that 7 billion people won't be able to survive on this planet indefinitely, doesn't change the fact that this planet has very real ecological limits.

"primitivism" to me wouldn't be some massive die off, or genocide or whatever, but a transition to a more sustainable way of living through rewilding, permaculture, urban agriculture, etc, as we lower the population through abstinence, infanticide, better access to abortions, condoms, pulling out, syncing up with the moon cycle, etc. This would all occur during and after the insurrection/revolution that would most undoubtedly take place in the city. people obviously need to destroy the relationship that keeps them trapped in factories, cubicles, etc before they become one with nature and all that awesomeness.

now, don't forget: there's 150,000 edible plants on this planet and we use less than 200 of them. 2/3 of the world's food supply is provided by just 3 plants (corn, soy, rice). we can do better than this, yo.

step it up anarchists, learn to eat seeds and roots and shit. but don't forget about the people in the cities. plus with all the corn and soy fields replaced by prairie in the midwest, the bison can return.

perhaps salmon will be available for fucking as well.

"Rewilding" is nothing but an intellectualized euphemism for camping.

Agreed, fellow work-worshipping "anarchist."

We just got to organize those trees into anarcho-syndicalist unions, man.

All power to tree councils !

The primitivist program is clear: stop stopping camping!

Are you talking about the Federation of Federated Federate Anarcho-Primitivist's program ?

I like how people make comments about Anarcho-Primitivists and population. So many non-anarchists don't seem to understand that AP's are anti-authoritarian, as in they are not going to force anyone to do anything.
Its about individuals deciding for themselves what role they want technology and civilization to have a control on their lives. Its a critique about the possible origins of hierarchy and authoritarian ideas.


That was like a fad in the 90s right?

Green Anarchy magazine was published from 2000-2009.

Just because your favorite anarchist magazines like Nation, The Progressive, Z Magazine, and Harpers are still being published doesn't make your ideas more relevant.

"As someone loosely connected with this project"

Um, no. If you were Connected with this project" I would have heard of you. Stop riding people's coattails. Learn to do your own thing.

so if this project is attempting to "represent" anarchism in film, isn't that contradicting anarchism? I thought anarchists were against representation.

If you want to join a REAL organization, committed to fighting the real fight go to

any level of involvement is acceptable (believe me, ANY LEVEL).

be like Bud and "change the beneficiary on [your] retirement accounts from [your] children to Deep Green Resistance, and alter [your] will as well."

Serious, DJ's gotta get that scrilla.

hey guys, everyone should just shut up now. communication is only possible between equals.

communication is only possible between equals?

kind of like with the healthy functioning of the capitalist free market only being possible between equals?

-noam chomsky

"America has never had anything even remotely resembling capitalism. If we had capitalism, the corporate class would be terrified"

-Library Anarchist Noam

Gnome Chomsky sounds like one of those "Anarcho-Capitalists" that exist only on the internet. No wonder Chomsky talks about Adam Smith and his eurocentric market bullshit so much.

Why hate on anarchist syndicalism so much? It's clear that it has been effective in history with using the labor power of workers to resist,sabotage, and expropriate capital. I understand why it seems to lack appeal for Anarchists in America considering there is no large national radical union that has a foothold and influence on workers, so yes, it may be hard to organize as a reality for those of us who are excluded from your typical liberal unions. Stop drawing damn lines between ourselves, it's all about solidarity ya fucks. If my work-place has a lot of talks of a forthcoming disputes between management and the employees, you bet your ass some Anarcho-syndcalist organizing is going to be effective. Radical and Anarchist unions are looting food stores, and defending their villages against pigs as we're all consumed by north-american cynicism. for real though, we're all fucked here.

you're new here, aren't you.

Syndicalism (unionism) is not revolutionary. Basing your strategy on making life better under capitalism through arbitrartion over wages, conditions, etc will never produce a revolution. Instill some class consciousness in people who are apolitical/non-rad, maybe, but as a strataegy, NO. Syndicalism failed, and under the current conditions, it is completely irrelevant in the industrialized, technological world. The U.S. is primarily service sector, not skilled labor anymore. The 20's called, they want their ideology back.

and by syndicalism, I meant "cyndicalism".
sorry about that.

Thank you for the correction.


cyndicalism, the one true anoky.

Film-maker's zspace page. No wonder he has such a hard-on for liberals.

So...Michael "Parecon" Alberts is in the documentary ! This is a Z Magazine oriented documentary. Gosh darn liberals !

Ugh. This is exactly the kind of "introduction" that makes anarchism seem so fucking boring and unintressting to me. To present it as some kind of naive and idealistic democratic utophia instead of a real material workingclass movement for the abolishment of the existing social relation.Basically to appeal to liberals as some sort of radical liberal philosophy or form of democracy when its so much more than that. To trace its roots in primitive societies instead of the rising of industrialization/capitalism. I hate that.

Now for a real introduction to anarchism you need not go any further than Krapotkin, as shown in this brilliant piece of art:

Now thats more like it.

Krapotkin (freudian slip?) was a scientist.

Anarchy no longer has anything to do with science.

I guess not. And if you would go by this video it has got nothing to do with uprisings or revolts or anything threathning to the basic setup of this society at all either. At worst it is presented as some kind of idealistic "speaking thruth to power" and convincing them, with words and arguments mind you, to let some of their authority away. Thereby everything dangerous and dynamic about it is taken out. Thanks alot dude.

anarchy is about speaking spiderhose to power

Jeesus, what is this? Idealism is a goal, that's explained in the dialogue about transition. Most of the film extracts showed uprisings and revolts!! Did you actually watch the whole 22 minutes? I guess not. If you can't relate to Kropotkin then maybe Obama is your bag!

Wait, are you talking about the kropotkin movie or the introduction presented in the article? Cuz i was talking about the video from the article. Wasnt that clear?

anon 18.01's , - . Follow the terraced continuity, or die ;)

THAT is a work of art!! Hadn't read much Krapotkin, but liked the juxtaposition of his text with, lol, hitchcocks 'Birds' and Chaplin various others, brilliant. Kropotkin has converted me from individualist-anarchist to anarcho-communist! Way to go. It is a learning process afterall.

PS, Yeah, the lingering clinging-on to indigenous cultures by some anarchists really introduces some tautologies associated with myth and religious identity which are contrary to anarchist precepts. Really annoying contradictions. No wonder Foucault attacked the notion of "madness", the first stage in regaining the humanity of the outcast, or of the minority anarchist.

Someone should put those indigenous people in the factories. I believe hal9000 will be up to the task.

Make it so, Captain !

Don't shatter my new conversion with simplistic stereotypical rhetoric. Mutualism and decentralised collectives can atleast take anarchist goals into a transitional phase. I'm just tired of all the theoretical idealism from purists, and anyway, anarcho-communism is a step up from anarcho-nihilism, no? We all evolve our relationships as we get older, testesterone is replaced with wisdom. OMG that sounds corny, jeesus, I've had another christian relapse (holds back tears).

I hate to break it to you But anarchy IS about chaos and disorder because otherwise we cant get from here to there. Not wanting that is supporting status qou, wanting things the way they are. Everything else is intellectually dishonest.

i love that photo it has been so long since i have seen it.


Don't confuse insurrection with anarchy. Turn off the TV and read a book on the literal definition of anarchism. And please don't look to Glenn Beck. Because he won't give one.

Insurrection is needed for us to get from here to there. Anarchism is a tool to get us to a classless and stateless society. In other words you could indeed say that anarchism is insurrection. Atleast partly. You are the one who are doing anarchism a disfavour by trying to take out the insurrection/revolution part.

Also, i dont give a Fuck what Glenn Beck says about us. But if he is scared, im glad. He is suppose to be. Basta.

anarchism is not insurrection even partly. there are insurrections happening all over the world. most of the insurgents are not anarchists fighting for anarchy. insurrection is nothing but another word for war against the people in charge. anarchy means no one is in charge. that means authority no longer exists. authority still exists in a time of revolution. it is not until the government has been toppled that state of anarchy is alive. anarchy is not a perpetual state of war even a little bit. it is an alternative society where things are decided directly-direct democracy and or consensus.

The only time anarchy and insurrection are related is when Greek anarchists organize to do battle with the police by preparing molotov cocktails and other projectiles for rioting. The method of actually planning to go to war with out leadership is what makes it anarchist. They do it in a direct way with out bosses. Everyone just kind of knows what to do and does it.

If anarchists prepared them selves in America the same way, it would be anarchy in the sense that anarchists are behind the riots or organizing the riots. But the rioting it self is not anarchy even though anarchist principles were used to orchestrate everything.

See the distinction?

Uhm yeah, saying anarchy is insurrection is not the same as saying every insurrection is anarchy. See the difference?

I simple disagree with you about anarchism. To me it is a way of organising and struggle, a tool to figure out how to "best" take part in the insurrection/uprising/revolution that fan take us to the classless and stateless society. An ethic For revolt, if you Will.

If you ignore all that and jump straight to the utophian part (as they do in the introduction film) you take away all the danger and therefore all the interessting parts. It becomes radical liberalism. At best.

That was My point.

But Thanks For schooling me. I Have Only been an anarchist For fifteen years or so....

I can't believe that people are still:


Believe it.

Ed Abbey ????

That racist mothertrucker has a quote at the 2:36 mark of this preview. With all the garbage leftist liberals in this documentary, a balanced had to be presented I guess with a right-winger white piece of garbage.

Here's ol' Ed being praised on, a racist right-wing capitalist website:

Here's Ed Abbey really laying out his racist nationalist garbage. Anarchists should have kicked his ass the first chance they got. I would have but I was probably an anarcho-baby (?) at the time he was alive.

"Therefore-let us close our national borders to any further mass immigration, legal or illegal, from any source, as does every other nation on earth. The means are available, it's a simple technical-military problem. Even our Pentagon should be able to handle it. We've got an army somewhere on this planet, let's bring our soldiers home and station them where they can be of some actual and immediate benefit to the taxpayers who support them."

-Ed Abbey or Ku Klux Klan manifesto ?....You decide !

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