Anews Day Zero

Before you ask, yes we know we have been down for 48 hours, and yes we know that anews time does not extend prior to that downtime. We begin again from the ashes of a database crash and burn. We'll fix it (although we probably need an expert at innodb) but for now it is more important to get back up and running than be precious about the past.

Perhaps anarchism is more about our glorious future than the past anyways, right? We joke!


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In the spirit of decentralisation why not host this website via the peer-to-peer dat:// web protocol simultaneously. Dat could work as a backup as well.

First time I hear about this protocol. Tho I dunno if Thecollective knew already...

Potentially a huge breakthrough in web services infrastructure, that would finally abolish the same old annoying server/client (i.e. master/slave) relationship.

Its interesting that the server is in Berkeley. I'm no expert, but aren't there countries that would be better suited? Ideally outside surveillance agreements like the 14 eyes and similar? I get running your on server is fun for the techies who live n the LBC bolo, but still.

You have no idea what you're talking about. You have no idea where the servers are nor anything about the "techies who live n the LBC bolo." You know nothing about server infrastructure nor "surveillance agreements," yet you write this "no expert" genius opinion anyway. What compels a person to do this?

"Perhaps anarchism is more about our glorious future than the past anyways, right?"

fucking ay! acknowledge the past when it makes sense, learn from it when possible, but then leave it the fuck where it belongs! the perpetual analyses and critiques of shit that was written almost 200 years ago is so fucking played out. as if some contemporary author really REALLY knows what those historical figures meant, more than anyone else did (or does). jeez, i am so glad i am completely illiterate.

and to 18:49: they actually do know what they are talking about with most of that. go back to sucking a!'s teat.

"jeez, i am so glad i am completely illiterate."

This is clear. Obvious in the " We joke!" going over your head, but especially in your assessment of your, I mean 16:50's, SIGINT knowledge. Carry on, illiterate anon. Carry on.

"jeez, i am so glad i am completely illiterate."

That is probably the most American thing anyone has ever said.

New setup, why?

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