Anews podcast – episode 18, July 2nd, 2017

  • Posted on: 2 July 2017
  • By: thecollective

Welcome to the anews podcast. This is episode 18 for July 2nd. This podcast covers anarchist activity, ideas, and conversations from the previous week.

Editorial - Waking the Woke
TOTW - Changes through Aging
A101 question - What is right and wrong with the idea of gradual transitions to anarchy?

this podcast
This podcast is the effort of many people. This week this podcast was
* sound edited by Linn O'Mable
* written by jackie and a collective member
* narrated by chisel and a friend
* Thanks to A! for their help with the topic of the week
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Depressing podcast this one. How about a TOTW called "What Makes an Anarchist Smile, Feel Content or Even Happy?" Come on, chin up y'all :-)

Well, what would theoretically make an Anarchist Smile, Feel Content or Even Happy would be capitalists hanging from the highway overpasses, urban chaos, burning infrastructure, armed gangs raping and pillaging in the streets,,,,That's the cold hard fact, you asked for it, no turning back now or saying it wont happen and everyone will hold hands and share food and bless God and Jesus for making everyone meak and gentle and compassionate, hahaha, rather all whimpering and burning their local anarchist bookstore membership card and circle A T-shirts and donning American Apparel lumberjack shirts hahaha then organise vigilante groups to shoot looters, how values change when the shit hits the fan,,,,At least emile and Sir E will still be emile and Sir E, they never supported violent revolution, they'll probably be feeding homeless orphans left over after all the macho anarchists have shot all the bourgeoisie, hahaha chin up all you rampagers, smile while you machine gun all the capitalists and nazis lined up against the wall,,,,,,

Did you intentionally put ziggy with a bunch of "homeless orphans"? Might want to ask him about his views on "child-adult relationships" if you know what I mean ...

There's no need to mediate it through the ideal, it is simply a matter of conducting the right relationships conducive to anarchic life and activity. Properly tuning in so to speak. The problem is individuals people and relationships not some non existent world that needs changing. Gradualism and revolution are both spooks. Relation and insurrection are all anarchy in its temporal availability require.

narrator reading "long pause"

i'm afraid i couldn't qutie grasp the editorial... it seems clear, to me, that "winning" in this world, in a political sense, looks like capture, looks like something dehumanizing, looks like one more confirmation of the world. this, also, keeping in mind the provocation that various post-left anarchists have put forth, the addiction to losing that the subcultural milieu has fostered (this is a relevant thought re: fascism/antifascism, even though people are putting forth plenty of victorious chest-beating)...but, what is meant here? i am genuinely confused.

chisel and aragorn: lovely exchange, and i would agree on most points. chisel's point re: not trusting or valuing relationships of the "street, or struggle" any more than others, really hits me, to the quick. i guess i agree with the assertion aragorn makes about the importance of arriving at and acting on the compulsion to Fight for Something, to have gone through this type of experience, but i think the narrowed conception of human existence that the current dominant milieu puts forward limits this stage of 'necessity' to something looking like cycles of trauma, becoming fodder, posturing, and 'going to war.'

also, i don't listen to enough of the ending section, as i have read a fair amount of the words repeated there, so maybe i have missed some of this, but it'd be nice to see the user anok's answers featured in some questions, they are some of the best ones. the site seems lacking in their absence.

i appreciate the thoughtful response anon. my take on action and relationship is not stable (also not fixed, as i change my mind). since a! frequently takes the position of being out-going and social, it's easy for me to take a stance that reacts to that, but really there is some tension for me that i haven't found good words for (this is one reason i don't do topic of the week on the podcast very often). i have contradictory feelings, but i can rest on the statement that there is nothing that guarantees trustworthiness, and maybe that hurts more when one has been in dangerous situations with people.

as for the 101 questions, i agree that anok has some of the best responses on the site. but the questions they respond to are not the ones that seem to make sense for this particular forum. feel free to suggest one you'd like to have read (perhaps post it on the podcast site?).

So your "trustworthiness" of others is a judgement value from memories of previous relationships? That's a really stale and unjust preconception to take into any future relationship, oh but wait, that explains the negative contradictory feelings. I know that the modern medical system labels many psychological conditions, nevertheless, and please don't consider this an adhominen attack, but I feel that you are suffering from PTSS and this is not helped by an underlying sociopathic tendency you developed in your early childhood. You shouls see to it and avoid associating with caring compassionate people cos you would be,,,,,awkwardly out of place in their company. Hope this advice helps ;)

all advice helps with *some*thing. thanks so much!

I've been there, when I got honest with myself then relationships took on a different more wholesome turn, hard to explain, but I woke up in the morning with a smile on my face regardless of the hardships that capitalism's system weighed down on me. The radical is still there, I said be gone all plastic property values, starting with my own social identity capital, and looking at living beings as equally powered.

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