Anews podcast – episode 19, July 10, 2017

  • Posted on: 10 July 2017
  • By: thecollective

Welcome to the anews podcast. This is episode 19 for July 10th. This podcast covers anarchist activity, ideas, and conversations from the previous week.

Editorial - Fame and Hiding
TOTW - Don't get Trolled!
A101 question: Would anarchists support either a democratic capitalist government or an authoritarian communist government?

This podcast is the effort of many people. This week this podcast was
* sound edited by Linn O'Mable
* written by jackie and a collective member
* narrated by chisel and a friend
* Thanks to A! and hpwombat for their help with the topic of the week
* Contact us at

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What to do about Sir Einzige, Le Way and Emile? Clearly, these three often smother the threads. It has become annoying to put it mildly. Anarchy requires structure too. Personally speaking, those interested in making changes to what to do regarding their frequent and lengthy postings need to formulate some response. Perhaps, the three need to cut down on frequency and length? I'm not thinking ban ban ban them. Registering posts would not be my choice as currently, anyone can access and post anonymously: this anonymity has to be respected for this to work though, not abused. I know of no other site which allows anonymity which is cool. I dread it when I hit upon their names when reading through threads as I know this is where the thread loses any point as the 'wall of words' stand between me and getting to the next post in the thread etc. Action needs to happen. What does Sir Einzige, Le Way and Emile feel about this?

Well you wont have to wring your hands over me during your breakfast coffee and newspaper by about 38 hrs from now, I'll be in a jail cell most likely looking at 6 months, hopefully no longer. I feel a personal change anyway taking over me for the better, let's wait, maybe 6 months, if I bother returning to the negativity.

the subject is of no interest whatsoever.

You're confused about what we're doing with our hands, it's cheerful waving goodbye, not wringing ;)

I've approx 12 hrs left of getting outside mingling with the free,,,, I once helped another guy lift some dude in a wheelchair 2 storeys up some stairs once, he bought us a beer for that. What can I say except keep your brake on when you're waving, especially if you're at the top of a hill ;)

Should really go do anything besides banging away on a keyboard with the last of your freedom ...

I'll just address a few things. Any forum that is more or less open will eventual have people who have a persistent idea(s) that they want to communicate. I doubt I have anymore time then most people considering that I work a shit job as well, I am simply persistent and dogged in getting my views into the world(like Stirner before me). I COULD CARE LESS ABOUT THE OFFENDED in this regard. As meme and shades go DEAL WITH IT. Unless this site wants to formally censor it make up rules that go after intellectually provocative types like myself. There's at thing you can do that is the equivalent to the on/off channel button when it comes to my comments, SCROLL THE FUCK DOWN.

Anyway, at least I got an explanation for some of my on topic and substantive South American helicopter ridden posts silly as they are. I do look forward to an virtual post left leaning space made for and by 'trolls' whatever that word means. One person I should mention is fake Makhno from back in the infoshop the likes of him and I simply have persistent ideas that piss people off. It's also not an accident that him me and Bob Black(OG I guess) are all post leftists.

it's "couldn't care less" heh

sirE. your points are controversial to some, sure.
but to the rest of us, you're just talking too fucking much. nothing controversial or provocative or interesting about it. you're just monotonous and boring. sorry.

If no posts surface requiring some form of change re persistent long wordy tangential posts, then one can only suppose this is the green light for business as usual? Sure, readers can skip these long waffling posts but these posts now attract frustration which leads to readers getting sucked in to comment because they can no longer keep ignoring the dross. Sometimes, just seeing those three names can be enough to not bother reading any of the thread. What do the 'moderators' of Anews think about this? From listening to this podcast, Aragorn! is getting pissed off with the three names aforementioned.

as irritating as the Big Three are, the unnamed hordes who engage them are just as aggravating, take up just as much space, are just as impossible to avoid (if not more), and are just as simplistic and monotonous in their messages, etc.
being unnamed just makes it harder to recognize their posts and harder to yell at them.
consider the don't be trolled message to be about any conversation on here that you've had before or find boring.

At what point should you just not comment on anything here? This "don't feed the trolls" line seems to fit about 80% of what is posted. This is one of those good in theory ideas which works for people that don't see commenting on news topics as an activity they regularly engage in. It is easy to ignore trolls if you don't comment at all, don't read the comments, don't read the articles, don't visit the site, visit IGD or Libcom instead and there you go. Gone.

Another point: The judgment of the site's administration is often hasty and poor. They focus on people that can articulate imagery better than others on comment deletions. Just because I know how to use words to convey my points doesn't give validation to my comment removals. I've left for months at a time, even years at points, so it don't hurt me none to have no faith in your abuses of power. I know I'm fucking funny and I have a great time. When I post I notice an uptick in creative responses, especially when what I post is fucking awesome.

add a mute feature for logged in users and/or truncate long posts over a certain length with a "more" button.

One last hoorah before lockdown. Hpwombat's mom has hemorrhoids ;)

has great music choices.
we all got rickrolled! so excellent. :)

is the podcast not working for anyone else? i can't play it on the page, opening it in a new window, and i downloaded it and the file doesn't play in vlc.

Started right up for me. I had no problems. I tested right after your post was seen.

i think they're having some problems on firefox browser only. it works in chrome and mobile here for me, but nothing on windows firefox for some reason. pretty sure they're troubleshooting it right now. :)

to listen. that worked out fine.

You know, this "trolling" phenomenon occurs in person as well. It usually takes the form of some dude showing up and talking a lot, in effect "dominating" the conversation. The term "mansplaining" partly relates to this.

But it isn't about different ideas. For you, it is your walls of text. You keep failing to grasp this and keep trying to make it about something else. You are grasping at straws. When you write shorter, to the point, comments, I actually read them and sometimes even engage them with good faith. But only when I'm having a boring day do I slog through more than a few of your posts and it isn't just because of length. It is because of repetition as well. I read long articles at times and have enjoyed up until you started posting, most long comments, due to the enlightening conversations they bring. However, yours are not that. Most of the time it is about the same things on language and dualism and how nobody understands anything. Apparently and especially you.

When the TOTW starts, you can hear a figet spinner. Listen closely.

Is it just me or does hpwombat sound like a drunken Barrett Brown? Or is hpwombat actually a drunken Barrett Brown?

months of moving his wall comments to a forum hasn't changed his behavior at all, afaict. so when he posts super long things now they will just be removed. this particular comment was explaining how brave he is because some soil is toxic.
comment at 13:20 was responding to the removed post.

i'm glad it's gone but can't you just display only like 10 lines max and hide the overflow behind a toggle?

Not trolling, not being sarcastic; sympathy for the(long suffering)collective

This site wouldn't be the same w/o "big oil" emile's ramblings..

ivan illich noted how the world changed with the invention of the PA system where 'access to the microphone' brought major power and influence to those who had privileged access.

"The machine-like behaviour of people chained to electronics constitutes a degradation of their well-being and of their dignity which, for most people in the long run, becomes intolerable. Observations of the sickening effect of programmed environments show that people in them become indolent, impotent, narcissistic and apolitical. The political process breaks down, because people cease to be able to govern themselves; they demand to be managed" -- Ivan Ilich, 'Silence is a Commons'

thecollective has 'risen to the occasion' in response to the call 'to be managed' in a manner that worker never felt he/she had to. so why not catch the mood of the crowd in managing those that can't manage themselves [not exactly an anarchist ethic].

yes, i did speak of the toxicity of the environment to 'unorthodox viewpoints'.in the Anews discussion forum. that seems fairly obvious, as the pressure builds to remove those with 'nonconformant views'. however, i said nothing about 'how brave i am for trying to persist as a minority' but that is the privilege that comes to those with 'special access to the microphone', as illich pointed out. sure, i know, participants in electronic media "cease to be able to govern themselves; they demand to be managed". purificationism is the typical focus of such management; i.e. unorthodox contributions are disturbing and while we may need to allow a token sampling to show how open-minded we are, ... our access to the microphone gives us the power to flag how ridiculous and absurd such viewpoints really are.

enjoy your privileged access to the microphone. and don't bother applying for a 'speaker of the house' job as a follow-up. no matter how fucked up democracy is, moderators are savvy enough NOT to use their privileged access to the microphone and gavel to give their personal views a 'leg up'.

Dear teh collective,

You are mean because you make my darling little boy Emile whine and cry like a baby.

My Emile should be allowed to do all the things. All of them!

Thank you, and clod bless,

Emile's Mommy

the proposition is that the soil of this discussion forum is toxic to 'nondualism' aka 'stirner-nietzsche philosophy' aka 'epigenetics'. in other words, the primary source of the 'disturbance' is the induced negative reaction, in the Anews discussion forum collective, to a particular strain of philosophy that is being brought to the table by all three, which has come to them from their differing life experiences.

1. emile disturbs the forum because of (a) his walls of text and repetition, and (b) his nonstandard ╚ philosophy

2. sir einzige disturbs the forum because (a) his non PC remarks, and (b) his nonstandard ╚ philosophy

3. le way disturbs the forum because (a) his trickster style of discourse, and (b) his nonstandard ╚ philosophy

the primary source of the disturbance in the Anews discussion-forum collective is the negative reaction to a nonstandard ╚ philosophical mode of interpreting issues that is common to each/all of the trio of commenters.

however, there is nothing stopping 'you' or anyone, from ignoring the common induced negative reaction in the discussion-forum collective to the non-standard philosophy, and instead, proceeding to cast the blame fully and solely on these three messengers and their different types of annoying behaviours.

ignoring philosophical content and shooting the messengers is the McCarthyist approach to suppressing the message. rather than giving communism an open hearing, it was only necessary to establish 'unamerican activity'.

sir einzige, le way and emile, ... since their comments are haloed with negative reaction induced by their nonstandard ╚ philosophical comment, are centre-staged and told that 'that is not the way we all do things around here', like the black man making his presence known on a white man's bus and immediately being haloed by a 'disturbance' that is inductively actualized but that 'he' is said to 'have caused'. that is, by forming an Anews Unanarchist Activity Committee (HUAC), Anews shall have a means of purging the forum of troublesome, nonstandard ╚ philosophies without having to give those philosophies an open hearing.

Yeah yeah yeah, you're just a misunderstood maverick. WE GET IT YOUR POSITION AND DONT AGREE

^We get your position and don't agree with your characterization of the relational dynamics ;)

Emile, why not set up your own YouTube Channel or use BitChute and you can ramble on and on and on and see how many visits you get!!!

what is dis? can't you wead?

de pwoposition is dat de soiw of dis discussion fowum is toxic to 'nonduawism' aka 'stiwnew-nietzsche phiwosophy' aka 'epigenetics'. in odew wowds, de pwimawy souwce of de 'distuwbance' is de induced negative weaction, in de Anews discussion fowum cowwective, to a pawticuwaw stwain of phiwosophy dat is being bwought to de tabwe by aww dwee, which has come to dem fwom deiw diffewing wife expewiences.

1. emiwe distuwbs de fowum because of (a) his wawws of text and wepetition, and (b) his nonstandawd ╚ phiwosophy

2. siw einzige distuwbs de fowum because (a) his non PC wemawks, and (b) his nonstandawd ╚ phiwosophy

3. we way distuwbs de fowum because (a) his twickstew stywe of discouwse, and (b) his nonstandawd ╚ phiwosophy

de pwimawy souwce of de distuwbance in de Anews discussion-fowum cowwective is de negative weaction to a nonstandawd ╚ phiwosophicaw mode of intewpweting issues dat is common to each/aww of de twio of commentews.

howevew, dewe is noding stopping 'you' ow anyone, fwom ignowing de common induced negative weaction in de discussion-fowum cowwective to de non-standawd phiwosophy, and instead, pwoceeding to cast de bwame fuwwy and sowewy on dese dwee messengews and deiw diffewent types of annoying behaviouws.

ignowing phiwosophicaw content and shooting de messengews is de McCawdyist appwoach to suppwessing de message. wadew dan giving communism an open heawing, it was onwy necessawy to estabwish 'unamewican activity'.

siw einzige, we way and emiwe, ... since deiw comments awe hawoed wif negative weaction induced by deiw nonstandawd ╚ phiwosophicaw comment, awe centwe-staged and towd dat 'dat is not de way we aww do dings awound hewe', wike de bwack man making his pwesence known on a white man's bus and immediatewy being hawoed by a 'distuwbance' dat is inductivewy actuawized but dat 'he' is said to 'have caused'. dat is, by fowming an Anews Unanawchist Activity Committee (HUAC), Anews shaww have a means of puwging de fowum of twoubwesome, nonstandawd ╚ phiwosophies widout having to give dose phiwosophies an open heawing.

OMG that isn't funny.


I tought I taw a puddy cat. But I can't open the pod bay doors

cant load audio, using firefox (tor)

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