Anews Podcast – episode 49

  • Posted on: 5 February 2018
  • By: thecollective

Welcome to the anews podcast. This is episode 49 for February 2, 2018. This podcast covers anarchist activity, ideas, and conversations from the previous week.
Editorial: Tech Atomizes!
TOTW: Creating Online Anarchist Spaces

This podcast is the effort of many people. This episode was
* sound edited by Linn O'Mable
* editorial by @muse
* written by jackie
* narrated by chisel and a friend
* Thanks to Aragorn! and @muse for their help with the topic of the week
* Contact us at

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ridiculous 'making friends' online is. I mean, just listen to the distractions you have with Facebook. Then there is all the security information needed and keep up to date with...just to have a private 'conversation.' It was interesting though, listening to the TOTW. Each to their own I guess. It isn't for me. The presentation of this podcast was smooth, probably the best I've heard. Regarding real life community, it takes time for this to happen, lots of time for trust and intimacy. People seem to think it could and should happen quicker? It won't. That's why it is precious. Real life community is robust and can take a battering. You know who has your back and who doesn't. Online is shit by comparison. We all know it too. Convenience is....convenient but it isn't depth.

I am really sympathetic to what you are saying and have been for a long time. Though, part of me wants to say something like, don't expect to make friends online then, see it for what it is. A convenient way to share information and hash out ideas (maybe?). That irl and online inform each other, for better or worse, in this era.

I am trying to imagine what the hardline anti-internet lifestyle would be like and I keep picturing just a different kind of alienation but still brought on by tech. The alienation of being on the outside of this dumb distraction that most everyone around you is sucked into. So not only is tech a source of alienation for the consumers of it, but also potentially those that try to keep it at a distance. Just thinking..

To the people that are able to keep tech fairly far from themselves (yet comment here still haha) what are your strategies for remaining steadfast in your choice to remove it from your life? How has it changed the way you communicate with people that live online, if at all? Have you been successful in forming new bonds with people organically or is it harder since many are distant due to so much screen time and generalized anxiety?

"Online is shit by comparison. We all know it too. Convenience is....convenient but it isn't depth."

It's hard for me to conceive of a world I would rather live in that also has the online world as central a part of it as we have today. As an anarchist, human relationships with depth are one of the things I yearn for.

I was around before the Internet. I was in guitar bands. Making music (rehearsing 3 times per week), writing songs, listening to music, performing gigs and recording demos on tape made the ingredients of a diverse and creative community. A community who experienced the ups and the downs, highs and lows, arguments and hugs all face-to face. I was once part of a skateboard community, similar to the above. That too was all face-to-face. Just two examples of the communities I've been in. Therefore, I feel the emptiness of being online. The void of the online world. We shared our experiences; we weren't all staring into our own separate screen. I enjoy solitude too. I love the hills, mountains, steams, big skies. Sharing space with non-humans. There is absolutely no comparison with online living. Walking out of a cloud on a mountain and the view just opening up before you is always, always, amazing. I don't expect to make friends online because it isn't possible. One can acquaintances for sure but not friends. I find technology does alienate both ways as you say. It really saddens me how I see adults with children where the adults are staring into the screen-void. It is more common than people want to think. If I'm with someone and they get their screen out; they have a choice: me OR their screen. It's not only screens. I have been on the hills in solitude and there are people chatting away on their phones. People are losing their capacity for solitude and stillness. They are being drawn further away from themselves. I don't take my phone out with me. I will use a library computer. I limited how much time I am prepared to spend online, especially with acquaintances. I spend more time watching documentaries. Forming real world friendship is much harder due to people obsessing over their online world. I have made new friends in the last ten years and they, like me, were born before the Internet. They can hold a conversation without distraction. They notice the world around them. They are comfortable in silence, both in the company of others and on their own. They contemplate. It is anachronistic, for me anyway, to claim anarchy can be online. It will be the death of anarchy. Anarcho-Convenientist ha ha ha. Yes, I use online. It doesn't use me. I remain conscious of the amount of time I'm online. I can without it. I remember where I lived as a child, neighbours would just either walk into the house or give a quick knock on the backdoor and enter. The kettle was on and a chat would start up between my parents and whichever neighbour. Children don't need the Internet. But the age is getting younger when they take up the habit of screen dependency, sadly. I don't think it's just anarchists who yearn for deeper connected relationships. I've never owned a smartphone, never will. My phone doesn't have a camera on it. Loneliness is becoming an unavoidable issue. More adults have dogs now. This use of dog is not only for the lonely human to have some sort of loving companionship but the dog is also used as a conversation gateway on the street with others...a way. to speak face-to-face. Dog ownership has sky-rocketed where I live. The UK has a minister for loneliness!!! Is this what progress looks like? Fuck that!

yes, yes and YES to pretty much everything you said there.

having lived before the internet does give us some perspective that really isn't possible for younger folks, aside from imagination and fantasy. don't get me wrong, i love imagination and fantasy. i am just glad that i have actual, lived memories.

a group of us would get together, play football (soccer to the USA) most of the day. We may nip home for a quick bite to eat, then be back playing football. I am talking age 11 upwards. That's all we needed. There was no panic about social media. We spent all day in each other's company. Even as a teenager, we would be regularly off camping locally, nowhere fancy. We wouldn't be worrying whether there was a WIFI signal. There were fewer distractions. We were in the moment, making it happen between us. The mother of invention was us; we created our reality. We participated fully, it wasn't passive. We were kept fitter by our action. We all would share food etc. How did we ever cope without the Internet ought to be reversed into why are you coping with the Internet! Locally, there were the local shops, pub, post office, library, park etc. People were nosy. People looked out for each other. It is amazing how fractured and yes, atomised, life has become. This atomisation is real, make no mistake about it. And it's happened so quickly too.

Dogs are drama queens.... Cats are superior. The friendship of a cat is more hard-earned yet once you get it they'll be true to you. Plus they'll chase rats and bring you fighs and birds as offerings. Dogs are so gong ho with having your friendship it's a drag, and they poo everywhere. I strangely have a thing for dog women but can't invite them at my place coz that'd scare my cats and no fucking way I'll egoistically allow that to happen, as they're muh family by now also what was that thread about? Oh yeah, Anon's great soul who experienced true anarchy through dog domination over the years....

I'm a snake person, and we just mind our own business, FUCK loyalty and friendship, FUCK anything with legs, Fuck legs and feet and all creatures which walk or run on them, like cats and dogs !!

is posted? Is it logged? Is it dumped rather logs? It would be useful to know how Anews disposes of all data including IP addresses. Does @news keep any data for any purpose. How often is the data cleaned?

1) apache data is not collected (only logs are errors)
2) drupal data is cleansed every 30 minutes with the indymedia plugin
3) the collection of comments remains (almost 14 years worth)

I can't believe no one has thanked you for doing your best to protect the @news online conversations from the authorities. Thank you. Will you accept my thanks which is based on morality?

re: discussing the 'problem' of irc showing ip addresses? Why not just force a vhost too every connection? seems like the quickest and simpliest way to solve this problem.

Do you need any help with this?

We don't need help (yet). We are getting close to completing this btw. Our solution for "everyone" is a web front end to IRC from the IRC server itself (ie the IP address you're shown from is the same as the server itself). For other clients YMMV but if you are using IRSSI you should be able to figure out VPN or TOR IMO.

means. Where did it all go wrong? ;-/ One day, it was fire, now it's IRC, YMMV, IRSSI etc!!!! 'John Zerzan are you reading me, Over?'

"Our solution for "everyone" is a web front end to IRC from the IRC server itself (ie the IP address you're shown from is the same as the server itself)."

Isn't this going to affect your ability to ban? as a ban will result in a ban to the host server and everyone connected by that host? I held of on posting this as i couldn't think of the sultion but i still cannot, so out of curriosity, what was your workaround to this?

I d think frcing vhosts is a nice solution, what web client you usin though? Kiwi seems pretty good.:)

Also, will you be allowing optional vhosts? sometimes it's preferable to want to cloak your tor exit node or your eggdrop server, too. Good luck A!

If you just wanna hang out and chat, there's #anticiv on

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