Anews podcast 110

  • Posted on: 13 April 2019
  • By: anon (not verified)

From Anews Podcast

Welcome to the anews podcast. This podcast covers anarchist activity, ideas, and conversations from the previous week on

Team B (neo, max power, ingrate) took over the studio and discussed this weeks news. We also discussed the TOTW (anarchist academics).

sound editing was by Dim


quit playing, neo's just aragorn! with a better mic and a good night's sleep

if not, the resemblance is uncanny to me

uhh..hmm...delete this comment, i think i just misunderstood the intro, and the a! was implicit in addition to team b

But that misunderstanding is pretty funny tho!

It's neither playing or downloading.



accelerationist snark! until the snark collapses in to a neutron snark! too dense for light to escape

Why oh why does Aragorn! continually state that the UK is about class when it's about power, just like it is in the USA. What, doesn't class exist in the USA? Of course it does only the citizens of the USA like to believe in social mobility and real choice whereas the UK calls it out for what it is: class: we are better than you; more worthy. So please, Aragorn! will you stop wittering on about how hung up on class we are in the UK! And, personally speaking, I am tired and bored of the increasing levels of snark the Aragorn! clique dole out to people who make the effort to contribute by sending in articles etc. By all means, critique material but let's have some respect. You're 40 + years old and snarking and giggling like a pubescent school boy is not endearing: it is truly cringing. Why do you feel so compelled to continue in such manner?

Class is more formally institutionalized in the UK.

Really? How so. The same (or very similar) structures are there in the USA. Look at the racism in the USA, now that's formal institutional power.

UK and France especially have insane levels of class reification/institutionalization. Just the main airport in Paris is divided into three areas, distant one from the other, that displays completely different levels of sophistication/luxury. The whole landscape in these countries is designed accordingly with class consolidation. Only non-classist thing you got in the UK: pubs, as the sole class-neutral space.

I know about the institution of class in the US. It appeared early, in the late 18th century, and Tocqueville reported about the private schools being one of the foundations of class. Tho Americans came up with a more insidious, nearly-invisible form of institutionalization, while keeping the nice pretense that "everyone can make it". Yeah, basically some middle-class people can make it to Yale or Harvard, but that's not what'll bring them to the seats of power. It's societies, gangs, fraternities, clans... i.e. networks. And you can't get into those without the proper background.

"Look at the racism in the USA, now that's formal institutional power."

On the contrary, it's ANYTHING BUT formal. It is structural, cultural, economic, geographic, linguistic.... yet on paper (formal), this is supposed to be a "color-blind" society. It's even in the Constitution. Yet... just as with the constitutional requirement of having accessible higher learning for everyone (a right that was ferociously promoted by Thomas Jefferson & co), they have found an economic and structural workaround to make it much, much harder for the poor to benefit from it.

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