Anews Podcast 115 – 5.17.19

  • Posted on: 19 May 2019
  • By: thecollective

From Anews Podcast

Welcome to the anews podcast. This podcast covers anarchist activity, ideas, and conversations from the previous week on

Editorial: Winnable Fights by Jackie
TOTW: Social Enforcement with Aragorn! and friend

sound editing by Linn O’Mable
what’s new was written by Jackie and a bit by Dim, and narrated by Chisel and Dim
1. Celer – Anacapri
2. Celer – Listen To The Inverted Sounds, Falling
3. Celer – With Ice, Anent The Steam



re topic "Dangerous Spaces under Review":

"To be brief, if you’re too shook to attend a bookfair, how the hell do you intend on smashing the State and Capital?"

a bookfair i attend voluntarily. i can choose to associate (or not) with people who may or may not intend to oppress/harm me. voluntary association is fun.

i do not choose to participate in the harm/oppression the state and capital thrust on me. it is involuntary. no fun.

my attack on the state and capital is not tied to my decision to not associate with people who intend to harm me, bore me, or just generally suck. i also choose to not hang around frat houses, dsa meetings, etc.

because anarchy!

ps. neat reportback in the other post. reads like a magical time with a hopeful conclusion. hope, or else!!1

reply to mu’s ps.

i know, right!

You guys are so up your own asses its almost hilarious, but mostly just sad, confused, and racist.

yo, more like mild insurgency - that site sucks. it's also mildly interesting that some people have moved from "they were just pranx bro, get over it" to "we should probably justify what we did because people outside of the our friend group don't seem to love oogle antics as much as we did." You're just mediating yourselves!

Mild insurgency > armchair nihilism

more really bad shit happening in the world every second of every day and all A! and Ariel can do is navel gaze about the theft and burning of a few books...FFS! You need to get a life.

no u

me too, thanks

Hey everyone did you know there's really bad things happening in the world? You all should only talk about that all the time. You should only talk about what I want you to talk about. The things you are interested in talking about at any given time, that affect your own life, don't matter.

What is this thing called life huh?

Yes! It's about time I move my ass to talk to the neighbors and the people in the park about Atassa copies getting stolen at the Green Scare bookfair. Only by raising awareness can we come to a more just world where everyone has a tribune in the anarchist market of ideas. Free speech, lol

Exactly, there are so many things happening in the world and some anarchists decided to steal books from other anarchists(!!!). And if you check some history books (or google if you prefer) you will see what burning books means historically (and for anarchists). LBC is an anarchist press, printing books is what they do, and this is a matter of public discussion in the anarchist environment because it is unacceptable. Anarchists attacking other anarchists when there is so much shit happening in the world! you tell me who needs to get a life. I see LBC doing they stuff. I see anarchists(?) behaving as assholes on the internet (exactly the same way right-wingers do on general news websites).

I know this line of reasoning because it's one I've used before. It's the last mental defense that needs to fall before one realizes "oh wait, maybe I'm the asshole here."

Anyway, if we're still going to be talking about this, the thing that's most striking is the similarity between eco-extremists and their rivals. It's nothing new. 15 years ago we referred to these young aggro dudes with their dominance rituals as "locker room primitivists" and I'm sure there are examples from 15 years before that.


y u cry?

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