Anews Podcast 116 – 5.24.19

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Welcome to the anews podcast. This podcast covers anarchist activity, ideas, and conversations from the previous week on

Editorial: Anarchist News and Social Media by Chisel

no TOTW discussion this week 'cause reasons

sound editing by Dim
what’s new was written by Jackie and narrated by Chisel and Dim
1) Mistah F.A.B – Hit Me On Twitter
2) Gene Autry– Silver Haired Daddy of Mine


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lol, don’t think i didn’t notice the absence of TOTW discussion.

i also noticed you took that “don’t talk so fast” recommendation seriously in this and last episode.

regarding the editorial, titled
“Anarchist News and Social Media” and thinking of the title of today’s Anarchy Bang concerning “Means and Ends” (soon to be aired at the time i write this), i can ask about the ends of @ on social media, and the means to those ends, and how both affect each other.

much discussion has been had around how to get clicks and views, about clickbait titles and thumbnails, and about algorhitms. about how that affects the content that is made and promoted, and how that affects how people interact in those platforms.

is everyone hostage to the technology, the formats, the platforms, etc, or can these be subverted to @ ends?
or is participating in then already too much conforming and playing into status quo? how would an “outside” look like? but more concretely, what are the ends of these means beyond self-reproducing and enduring/persisting as projects?

i don't have answers, obviously. but wrt is participating already conforming too much... to me this has been a question forever, long before the internet/SM. and speaks to the significance of subcultures. ideally i think we need subcultures that participate as little as possible in the dynamics that we think fuck us up, and then we also need border areas where we talk to people who are not in our subcultures, and then of course we will usually have to operate in fucked up dynamics as part of our jobs or schools or families or AOTA. how does that work in practice? hel if i know. but maybe the idea is useful...
edit: and surely the point of anarchist projects is to make something that encourages people (including ourselves obv) to be the way we want to be in the world. right?

Is internet/SM a subset of BD/SM or is it the more overarching category?
Lol, i jest.

Title of the Netflix production that JZ is involved in?

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