Anews Podcast 117 – 5.31.19

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Welcome to the anews podcast. This podcast covers anarchist activity, ideas, and conversations from the previous week on

Editorial: On Symbols and Context by Dim

TOTW: Anarcho Humility or Anarcho Defeat with Aragorn! and Max Power

sound editing by Linn O'Mable
what’s new was written by Jackie and narrated by Chisel and Dim
1) Death Grips – Guillotine
2) DJWWWW + Nicole Brennan + Orokin – Xbox-One
3) Celer – Rains Lit By Neon


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Just a correction, Shane Burley is the Shane you meant. He wrote a book on fascism. Shane Bauer writes for Mother Jones & has a book on prison.

Thank you Dim for the thoughts on symbols & Emma. I'm currently reading My Disillusionment in Russia, which is striking in its willingness to self-criticize. I rarely see anarchist writings today in which the author takes themselves to task for their narrow vision or mistakes. Instead, it seems that people tend to take extreme positions, attack all other positions as Wrong, only to move on months later to another position (often the one they formerly criticized) and repeat the process over again: no accounting for the change, no self-critique, just self-righteous moralism. The fact that Emma wrote an entire book explaining why she was soft on the Bolsheviks and, more importantly, why she was wrong, is an admirable example of self-critique that I wish more anarchists would consider. Perhaps JZ, given his history with unions, could recognize an historical precedent in Emma, rather than taking shots at someone who died 80 years ago and who herself address the mistakes she made.

ability to not only learn from mistakes but talk about that learning (specifically in prison memoirs, iirc).
those were the days, hunh?

30:54 "...the alt-right has mostly vanished as a social actor." Is that really true? IDK. Can anyone point to some proof of that? Infoshopnews keeps linking to a whole world of extreme right horrors within the social media/activist realm. Please someone show me they are wrong.

You have to think of 1968 and 2016 as the comparative analogies. The potently radical period of the former was 66-70 with recuperation into culture and geopolitical ideology happening in the 70s. A similar thing is happening with the alt-right heading into the 20s. You still had hippies and situationists into the 70s but it was not the same. I predict that at least some alt-right ideas will be recuperated into what I see as an all but inevitable relative conservative turn in the coming gen-z period. The next Steve Jobs will probably be some virtual mixed reality media guy that had a stint as a larping nazi. That's what I for see.

Antifa can see nothing but fascism, it might as well be a sky is falling problem for them as they have no radicalism outside that leftist humanist liberal racket.

it’s all a bunch of thought patterns.

we all go ‘round and ‘round, consumed by fire.

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