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Welcome to the anews podcast. This podcast covers anarchist activity, ideas, and conversations from the previous week on

Editorial -Self knowledge and assholes by chisel
TOTW-Gods Old and New with Aragorn! and Ariel

sound editing by Linn O’Mable
what’s new was written by Jackie and Greg, and narrated by Chisel and Greg
1) Phantomsmasher – Anubis Innertube
2) Susumu Hirasawa – Grandfatherly Wind
3) Arvo Pärt – Kyrie (Berliner Messe)


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Wonderful great episode, thanks all.
(And it’s up super early too.)

About the spirituality part, I’m really unencumbered by that quest, to my fortune and detriment. My experience with catholicism was one of petty/banal/commonplace arbitrary trauma, and the way out if it felt as a relief as in “whew, glad i’m done with that!”. i did not feel there was something missing after that.

And speaking of silly things and appearing ridiculous to others, i sometimes speak to a random dog i may come across, or a bird or cat or spider. I don’t place that within a framework of spirituality, but a way of being. Also like tender moments of dwelling in appreciation and gratitude of something like the sky, or the rain or that day’s weather, or something someone said to you.

The fear of looking silly keeps many from doing things they’d like to do (even me, though i do embarrassing stuff all the time).That type of shame of keeping with appearances is something people should get rid of to feel and be freer, and live how’d they’d really like to be.

Love that last point. I was brought up without any woo so I became morbidly fascinated by all these millions of weirdos when I got old enough. Learned as much as I could stand until it became obvious that it's all just woo for the sake of manipulating others or woo for the sake of woo. Nothing against the latter, you do you with your woo haha

I cannot make much sense of the editorial. I listened to it about four times now and I'm still not certain exactly what it's saying. What feminist author wrote what book? What does that have to do with Bob Black and why is he an asshole?

hello anon,

here's what i understood from the editorial:

being exposed to people and their opinions influences you, even if you disagree with them.
therefore, knowing yourself and being aware of yourself is important to know and detect these influences, to halt them if they're not desired.
in doing so, in being obstinate against people and influences that would have you change, you may come off as an asshole.
and that's not necessarily a bad thing, but it won't get you likeability points.
it also doesn't mean that you're right.

anyways, that's what i got.
mind your influences and mind your assholeness,

i've never really enjoyed being obstinate or insular about what other people say, i'm not terribly capable of judging people or hanging on to positions. When i was younger i would get really attached to defending a viewpoint and trying to protect my image from other people, but it's just masochistic. To me being an egoist is about not letting people influence you in a shitty way or gain a monopoly on your viewpoint, easier said than done but hey it's better than playing stupid popularity games or being under the delusional that you really "are something".

chisel thanks you for your service.
awards and medals will be handed out sometime in the future.

haha, no u

i much prefer being on my own, dipping in and out of the lives of others. i live on my own and have learned 'on the job' how to be autonomous. i am not advocating atomisation and loneliness here. i have lived with people and had relationships with people too. however, over the years, i have come to really appreciate living on my own. i simply don't crave others. let's face it, when a (well read) person gets to a certain age, what others have to say has already been said: the points for and against etc. i find it very strange how much people crave the approval of others. i can be social but refuse when being forced to be. i am not an island and i would 'do my bit' in a social context such as obtaining food for the group, defending the group etc (of which i am a part). it doesn't have to be all or nothing.

Being a "forever alone" is another pair of legs. You admit being part of the group, while pretending being on your own. Not sure you really know what that means, in the real world. Isolation's pretty bad, and not quite healthy personally.

Tho there's a difference between craving for other's approval and just having a healthy, balanced level of relations (not relation-ships) with others. Relation-ship says it all.. it's a ship of relations, you get on and work your ass to stay on board. But you may have gained a level of comfort and security on that ship that allows you to be on your own, in your little area down the cargo hold, without fearing of being thrown overboard. That's a very different thing than being that man in the lighthouse.

To me, to just sounded like they were tired of the drama of shared livingspaces.

I've always thought that **full luxury communism** should include modest but fully private livingspaces for everyone because lets face it, we're all pretty annoying at times and measured doses of isolation are highly desirable for many people.

Especially when people agglomerate in endless numbers in these mutual bubbles of suspended awareness where they switch to talk machine mode like it's the fucking stock market.

That's the worse.

Even for the most gregarious of other animal species, I can't think of any over the top of my head, that's as much excruciatingly irritating with their intense communal energies...

JUST. FUCKING. RELAX. Take ownership of yourselves.

we tend to remove personal digs at individuals. whoever removed your comment probably did it because your headline comes across that way.
i read it differently, but...

I get it was prolly confusing... but it was on the contrary directed at ANYONE BUT individuals :-D

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