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TOTW-Resilience, with Aragorn! and friend
Editorial by Greg: Rootedness
sound editing by Greg
what’s new was written by Jackie and Greg, and narrated by Chisel and Greg
1. Erik Satie – Gymnopedie no. 1
2. IGD Song
3. Tom Lehrer – We Will All Go Together When We Go

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Yo Chisel, yeah...the Tom Nomad thing's getting out of hand lol. I thought that was bad, I listened to the most recent episode and I almost wanted to jump out of a window. Impeachment this, reelection tabloid level gossip on politicians...straight up very msm...bleak stuff.

You know I was already laughing when I read the podcast description and saw that it listed "IGD song". XD
Whoa, what a meme, I didn't expect it'd be a chipmunk-ified version, good one Greg (don't go dying just to grow roots just yet!).

Wow TOTW haha, a real privilege (and kinda embarassed lol). Sorry for posting such a long-ass screed! I swear if I ever submit again, it'll be a single paragraph. How inconsiderate of me, having A! run out of breath and say tongue twisters like that. Haha, not an ounce of snark was misplaced though during the reading, I'd say you took it easy on it. Though it really got me when A! said this was more tiqqun (yikes, but nah i get what he meant), than individualist or (ehem armchair, in my case) insurrectionary. Damn, it really came across like that, my bad. Either way, touché. But I've never been to Brooklyn! Ha! gotcha! File me under towny mutual aider, i guess.

To clarify (cuz why the hell not, i'm already down here, sorry for the confusion):

The original title I gave the topic was the contrived mouthful of "Counter-resilience and Disaster Insurgents" or something like that, which as noted only comes through in the last paragraph. I tried to explore that aspect a bit in the comments chatting with other peeps, but it was certainly undeveloped in the prompt. It was the correct decision whoever changed the title to "resilience", since it's the broader overarching topic, catchier, simpler (k.i.s.s.). I'll commit to being laconic next time lol.

You are both right in noting:
-"Rich people and the state have a lot of things that they can do, and we sure don't." XD : (
-That it should be more than "We'll do mutual aid harder and faster!"
-The dig about cities.
Should we taper off reliance of systems (utilities, transport, communications, etc) we can't rely on after disasters?
-The ambivalence/ambiguity/uncertainty between rebuilding and destroying infrastructure.
Critically engaging the surrounding ruins. Some things (big and small) are better left destroyed, some need the coup de grace, some are vital and need to be rebuilt, but could also be repurposed. It all sounds far fetched and hypothetical until you see it happening.
-Ariel noticed the implication of taking advantage of the chaos (before, during and after) for further targeted destruction (or looting, i'd add). And landed at the perfect ending, a discussion around emplaced specifics that each should have with their own.

Getting solar power, or a generator (if that's a priority, water is really important too, etc), knowing your neighbors, getting your close ones (or @ peeps) to stay over with you before a disaster if communication with them would be complicated afterwards, plan out what the day after will be. Not just what kit or skills to have, but what's the nearest closed supermarket you can loot, where does FEMA store the handouts so you can get to them before they spoil as they sometimes hold them back due to market considerations, or lack of personnel for distribution. Also, when donations come in in shipments sometimes they don't get to the people because there's no one to go get them and hand them out.

Which neighbor will you help, and which will you let drown (cops, it happens, precincts flood and good samaritans go to the rescue), which one has the chainsaw to get the fallen tree that's blocking the road, etc etc. Lots of specifics and opportunities that often take us by surprise, but time comes around each year where it might happen all over again.

Anyways, thanks all!!!!!!!!!!!

When you talk about the uncertainty between rebuilding and destroying infrastructure i can't help but think that aragorn is a man that has sex with slamons on a daily basis

How about a Chisel editorial on climate change? Is it real? Are humans responsible for the climate getting warmer? Apparently, there is no disagreement that the climate has been getting warmer since the last ice age. If anarchists believe it is down to humans; how do we know (for sure)? Why are anarchists so ready to believe the mainstream media on this issue? Why not believe the resilience of those who challenge the mainstream view? Is there another agenda behind the climate change agenda? I am part way through watching Dr Tim Ball This is a straight forward accessible information which I find compelling: enough to make me keep an open mind. It is worth watching the whole of this 2 hour presentation, particularly how climate models are constructed and how the IPCC information is presented.

she backed into a fan?


Anyway, good to know someone sees my tweets.

As to disaster prep, whatever one thinks could be done after a disaster one has to be alive to do it, I'm sure we can agree on that. Some thought about survival seems prudent. :-)
As a life-long Californian, and after living through many earthquakes, my experience is that damage is not evenly distributed, not like what it looks like in a hurricane, say. Of course, fire is the great equalizer around here. So.

Being on good or neutral terms with one's neighbors has other benefits than just surviving a natural disaster, like them knowing you enough to not call the cops on you for a wellness check, as an example.

Anyway, chisel you read the intro so fast I'm out of breath, lol.
Sad to know Ariel's fav. @s are 7 miles away :-(

you know what they say in case of earthquakes:
stop, drop and roll!!!


What to believe? Given the onslaught of 'noise' from 'experts', the formally educated and formally qualified (qualified for what?), the self-educated and the ever- increasing lists of 'stuff' to be read and debated... what is it all for? How can I ever form an opinion with so much 'stuff?' Am I being kept in limbo: never being able to settle and live: forever treading water: running on the same spot: the hamster wheel of 'informational stuff!'

More and more, I feel like I'm being held hostage to all this stuff yet it is supposed to be empowering!!! Do I turn right? Do I turn left? Do I turn back? Do I go ahead?

I have found myself retreating from people; from the noise of it all. I have even bought myself ear noise protectors and silicone ear plugz to reduce the ever-increasing noise of road traffic, air traffic, people waffling on their phones. This provides me some sanctuary. I have tried to find areas of dark and quiet. I have even noticed that buildings, including homes have these LED lights which are so powerful, so bright, that they flood an area with light. Years ago, porch lights were a yellow dull light (30 watts) enough to light just beyond one's door now the flood. Even head-torches are mega bright, so are cycle lights. With the mega powerful head-torches and mobile phones, whenever I am on the hills camping, I cannot be certain that my peace from light and the human voice will not be disturbed as people are now walking the hills at night. They walk their dogs because the streets have been saturated with people out walking their dogs They probably have a dog due to increasing isolation? These are ripple effects. People also now jog at night because of these head-torches and mobile phones. And the number of people I notice sat in their vehicles with the face lit up by the screen is palpable too.

I don't have a television. I hardly listen to the radio. I have nearly stopped reading. I listen to a couple of podcasts. I don't have a smart phone. I don't have internet connection.

Do others have a similar experience?


yes, similar.

i don't see information as useful, but as talking subjects, context or excuses for conversation to pass time, mitigate boredom and isolation. i'm doing it wrong, but there's no right way. i see stuff other people do.

right now i'm looking at two birds trying to make a nest in a blouse hanging from a clothesline.
do birds feel disappointment?

anyways, cool update, nice to hear from you, not much has changed here either
(i submitted ur latest post to here btw haha, it didn't get posted cuz it was not directly linked to anarchism)

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