Anews podcast 136 - 10.18.19

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Welcome to the anews podcast. This podcast covers anarchist activity, ideas, and conversations from the previous week on

TOTW-Solidarity, with Aragorn! and friend
sound editing by Greg
what’s new was written by Jackie and Greg, and narrated by Chisel and Greg
1. Al Wilson – The Snake
2. Lynn Morgan – There’s Work to be Done

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Greg and Chisel were extra chillaxed this ep (except for double time speed reading for Chisel at the end XD).

Ha, super nice guest to discuss the TOTW , great discussion. I gotta read me some Biófilo now, I’d seen the cover but haven’t read any yet (
Wow, imagine if Novatore was all made up...only good thing is i could rewrite his ending having him get away and live a longer happier life, same with Bruno. I know some people prefer tragedies, but not at the expense of people i like! We’re too few and far apart. Take care all who read.

hey! i read it. very whimsical guy, funny colorful character. kinda got sick of him toward the end of the book lol. very big mouth flamboyant bombastic smooth talker, mesmerizing everyone with words, a performance, and his looks. cool

Reads like a narcissistic bitter clown full of ressentiment, or maybe its just me!?

The webpage doesn't seem to have a link to the mp3, but extrapolating from the naming convention, the URL for the file is Maybe I'm missing something obvious and made this way more difficult than it needed to be, but that's the link in case anyone else is having the same issue.

The mp3 is linked in the download link.

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