Anews Podcast 140 – 11.15.19

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Welcome to the anews podcast. This podcast covers anarchist activity, ideas, and conversations from the previous week on

TOTW- Anarchists take the stage, with Aragorn! and plast
sound editing by Greg
editorial by Chisel
what’s new was written by Jackie and Greg, and narrated by Chisel and Greg
1) Billie Holiday – When You’re Smiling
2) Nina Simone – End of the Line
3) Phantom of the Opera – Instrumental

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Re: Editorial: Just say multi-purpose "no u" to compliments and insults.
Good show!!!

Chisel, ok bookchin ok boomer
I'm sensing a theme :P

wasn't trolling you. I disagreed with your 'tears' on the one hand but do little (I could be very wrong here) else about the state of things? You have claimed previously that the power structure imposes itself so pervasively that one cannot be oneself etc etc: one has to get by? You could fight back regardless of the power structure as some indigenous peoples did? You do have a choice: it doesn't have to be tears. Depends how bad you feel shit to be?

There is evidence they were not the recently dispossessed indigenous Indians lauded by the anarcho-primitivists etc. There is evidence they original peoples were of a dark colour of skin. Interesting that this never makes a discussion of this website don't y'all think? What does Kimmerer have to say about such matters?

They exist as remnants pushed down by successive colonizers to the furthest southern cape Horn in a place called Terra del Fuego, land of ice. The TdFs have way too much seritonan in their skin more suited to the warmer sunnier equatorial regions. However, over 5 to 6 thousand years, their skin color does adjust.
Many people become extinct!

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