Anews Podcast 141 – 11.15.19

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Welcome to the anews podcast. This podcast covers anarchist activity, ideas, and conversations from the previous week on

TOTW- criteria, with Aragorn! and mucho

sound editing by Greg

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what’s new was written by Jackie and Greg, and narrated by Chisel and Greg

Music: 1) Ok Boomer – TikTok Song 2) L’Internationale Noire

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nice song choice to preface discussion, and ah yes...that indisputably anarchist music at the end. thanks Gregno.

criteria, shallow end, deep end, drowning in a glass of water, i dunno.
i guess one could link that to projects and their success.
are the more people on the shallow end or on the deep end and whom does the project appeal to?
i dunno maybe we shouldn't push the metaphor to far...swimming stamina, time able to hold breath and dive...what am i talking about?

i do agree a real band sounds different than a one person music project, in comparison with project discussion anews podcast v abang, plus composing v improvisation difference. some people are better and composing or jamming, also matter of taste and preference. some can pull off one or the other, some can pull off both.

I think of it as everyone being in their own gradually filling pool... could float happily, could be found face down in the early hours. Or could just pull the plug, I guess

in the river of anarchy, you're never stood in the same river twice

Please do tell what the deep end looks like, feels like because, clearly, the likes of Aragorn! truly believe they live in the deep end? So, is the deeo end of anarchy working shitty jobs, publishing yet more stuff regarding anarchy or is it and should be, must be way more radical than that?

I give you a quote from Wolfi: "But even the state’s force of arms can only succeed in carrying out its task because people submit. And here is the real basis of all domination — the submission of the slaves, their decision to accept the security of known misery and servitude rather than risk the unknown of freedom, their willingness to accept a guaranteed but colorless survival in exchange for the possibility of truly living that offers no guarantees."

Yes, there are other gems in 'The Network of Domination' and 'Feral Revolution' Maybe Wolfi can tell us what to expect when living in the deep end where the grown ups hang out?

I thought the deep end is when the cops are shooting at you and your friends? living a life as a reclusive writer sounds pretty vanilla by comparison but then again, it sounds more relaxing too?

> I thought the deep end is when the cops are shooting at you and your friends

where did anyone say that? i think you're hearing things

I … didn't think I heard anything? It's just my take. Of course, it assumes things about anarchy/ism and that's my bias. Recently a! summed up their own position as wanting to live with people in a certain way, which I respect and can understand but I also consider to be … perhaps lacking in much ambition, however challenging it can be to have relationships that aren't shitty…

Anyway, assuming there's still a possibility of a more openly combative anarchist position (which I do assume), obviously the "deep end of the pool" would be defined by high stakes conflict.

> Recently a! summed up their own position as wanting to live with people in a certain way

This isn't a recent idea and isn't limited to aragorn

I think that idea that if you're not throwing bombs you're not living 'high stakes' is kinda juvenile tbh

...what the deep end feels like because, clearly, you have a fixed idea of what it is. is it something to do with working/not working, writing/not writing, publishing/not publishing?

> where the grown ups hang out

i didn't hear anyone say anything like that. in fact, both the host and the guest implied the deep end wasn't necessarily where they'd want to be

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