Anews Podcast 145 – 20.20.19

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Welcome to the anews podcast. This podcast covers anarchist activity, ideas, and conversations from the previous week on

TOTW- Aragorn! and friend
sound editing by Linn O’Mable
no editorial
what’s new was written by Jackie and Greg, and narrated by Chisel and Greg.
1) DJOKO – Loser
2) Biota – Numberless Years

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“Blessed is the Flame” is definitely great, i hadn’t mentioned it in the TOTW cuz i read it last year or the year before i think. I was thinking of rereading it the other day, but it’s kind of a long sit to get a big time downer lol, but def great, will reread soon. “Read the flame book” would def sound cooler than bread or sand, but i would declare that meme format dead.

In terms of world events getting little coverage over here, Iran stuff, Haiti stuff, and St. Martin stuff among many other things which have been going on for a while now. But even with little coverage from certain events here and there, there’s so much going on i really can’t keep up!

I also enjoy Lizzo’s intense in-your-face attitude, missing from a lot of pop mainstream music marketed for girls. If young girls manage to lear her songs and sing them with half of the sass/attitude/confidence it’d be a worthwhile achievement and victory in the war against blandness and meekness lol (i mean i can’t realistically expect everyone to learn how to death growl, shoutouts to Krysta Cameron and Tatiana Shmailyuk). And speaking of that, Aurora’s stuff might be dismissed by those looking from the outside because of her soft sound, but there’s good bits in some of the lyrics. Of course, we can still be critical and see the overlap with XR or Greta type world-vision, still pretty hope block, but darker than most people not paying attention would expect. supposedly her “step 3” album (which might not be the next one) will be all doom and gloom about the things that can’t be saved lol (Greta might’ve not read Desert yet, but maybe Aurora has). Haha musically, neither of these artists are my usual go-to.

At the moment I feel great enthusiasm towards finding all kinds of interesting things to draw my attention towards to next year, in place of and far away from the electoral shenanigans of course!
Haha i found it really cute when both greg and chisel chanted in unison “actually, both of those things are bad!”. Plus thnx for the shoutout! Great show as always!

"Greta might’ve not read Desert yet, but maybe Aurora has"

you're delusional

no one gives a shit about desert outside the tiny, miniscule, try-hards circle that is Anews

i did and it sucks.

how's the whole peak oil thing going? new field discovery just hit the highest point since 2011.

that fact makes things worse, not better; for the ecology, not the economy

wasn't the point of desert any imo … simpler: the world will not be saved so adjust your methods/expectations accordingly. something like that.

but some people confuse the details for the trees...

anon, the flame book would be cool. just as long as it's not called the blessed book, amirite?

oh, yeah? what's the EROEI on these new field discoveries of yours

how's fracking faring, commercially? the tar fields?

debunking peak oil -- pretty lucrative field itself

'no one gives a shit about desert outside the tiny, miniscule, try-hards circle that is Anews'

Active Distro just printed their second edition.

*anon2 walks into the room as anon1 is half way through their thoughts

Makes air-sneer-quotes with hands: "Greta might’ve not read Desert yet, but maybe Aurora has"

Proceeds to hurl gaslighty language at anon1 as well as insult the whole venue hosting the discussion with a poorly informed assertion*

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