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Welcome to the anews podcast. This podcast covers anarchist activity, ideas, and conversations from the previous week on

sound editing by Greg
editorial by Greg
what’s new was written by Jackie and Greg, and narrated by Chisel and Greg.
1) Fight Club OST – This Is Your Life
2) CZ – barking
3) Grass Roots feat. Kuntry Twang – edit

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whoa, that's p deep greg. i wanna do that too. glad you're not suffocating in the smoke like in that other editorial. nice doggy barks.

How do you both feel about male hero-worshiping? For example, many white anarchist males cite white male anarchist theorists such as kropotkin, bakunin including leaders of revolutionary movements. Same with marx, lenin etc. So, this got me thinking as to who you both admire as thinkers or doers or thinker/doers so to speak. Who do women admire? I hardly ever see the names of women as leading thinkers/prominent thinkers. They must be out there. Yes, I know of emma goldman and I know of angela davis. I would appreciate hearing of some names and works even obscure names that could do with publicity. what got me thinking was when Aragorn! said in the latest brilliant episode that he is fed of european dead white males as typically being cited; he is now looking more to indigenous 'american' indians for inspiration. would these be also males?

and I must aplogise to anon 11.20 for me being such an ignoramus although I didn't ask specifically for anarchist women in particular if anon 11.20 would care to re-read my post!!!

is the most obvious. gaining in recognition, but obviously not enough.
kaneko fumiko is also worth knowing about/reading.
lucy parsons has advocates, and her moments, some much better than others.

louise michel.
do you want anarchist women who write theory? who inspire action? who led amazing lives? who were steadfast?
marie bernieri, the nihilist women in the people's will (etc)...
we've always been around...

yes, and also why just read about the dead ones when they're all around in the streets!
look around, people!

have stood some kind of test of time, which living ones have not, and also living ones are people you might have relationships with, and that's a muddy, murky process, full of feelings and other complications. maybe they remind you of your mother, or your wife, or someone you hate...
safely dead people are much easier icons, regardless of gender.

In case there is any remaining puzzlement over MACC's "bring a comrade only if they have attended a GA" let me summarize the process. I am not involved with MACC but know about the basic structure:

- General Assemblies are the public facing assembly where anybody who identifies as an anarchist can show up
- Organizing Assemblies are more internal facing business for "members" to discuss business

However there is no actual "membership" in MACC. So having attended a GA represents a preliminary vetting process so random people don't show up at the internal organizing meetings.

I believe not in itself, they would need to have participated in a GA or working group activity. And likewise, you don't need to know anybody ahead of time before showing up at a GA.

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