Anews Podcast 150 – 1.31.20

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Welcome to the anews podcast. This podcast covers anarchist activity, ideas, and conversations from the previous week on

sound editing by Greg, no editorial this week

Thanks to Aragorn! and Bellamy for help with topic of the week (federation!).

What’s New was written by Jackie and Greg, and read by Chisel and Greg.

1. Metal Urbain – Panik
2. David Rovics – We Are Everywhere (edit)

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gregg is effed up in the head
unless that’s lin o mable crying from lack of acknowledgement. i guess not just authorship, but sound editing is mighty hard to parse. have fun.
in hell.

It's just the editing that wasn't done right. The bestest of all best ideas can get lost into heavy-handed editing.

But no hard feeelings.

*ticks checklist for annoying hater anon responding passive-aggressively to chisel

ok, so we're all here now. see under next weeks anews, comments thread.

and the Ria/Layla position: do this debate help 'us' in any way to 'move forward' from the apparent mess 'we're' in or does it merely create a distraction from 'moving forward'? Very little is said about WORK and how it impacts on 'us'. Graeber's bullshit jobs didn't make as big a splash as I had hoped for. Work determines so much of 'our' lives and yet I don't see any where the same passion and interest in discussing and debating it as, for example, with whether to be vegan or not!

Let's say fire was the catalyst for civilisation. Now what? 'We're not about to ditch fire/controlled use of fire/combustion, let alone agriculture, eating meat etc etc Maybe eating meat had nothing to do with health and everything to do ingesting the traits of the animal consumed which 'we' now know doesn't happen. Maybe, people will, on that basis, stop eating animals as there is no point other than texture and taste which can be mimicked these days. People are not going to give up fire/electricity. It appears that increases in energy use is way more likely! And let's have some discussion on that most colonialising of 'our' time: WORK... FUCKIN' WORK which most of 'us' are coerced into in order to pay that other parasite: THE LANDLORD!

i agree about "work" being a necessary point of debate, much more so than ideological dietary arguments.

but i disagree about energy usage. humans will learn to live with far less externally originating energy, or nothing else really matters, imo. solar and batteries are not sustainable, due to the level of industrial production and toxic (and ever more rare) materials necessary. small turbines for wind and water might still make sense, as they can be created without industrial technology (though real skills are required). but there is also then the question of "storing" the energy, which is probably not gonna happen without the hi tech crap.

also, mimicking the "taste and texture" of meat seems to require serious (i imagine, industrial) processing. most vegans could never survive today without industrial technology. some of the more diy, primitive types could, but that is a completely negligible portion of vegans.

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