Anews Podcast 162 – 5.8.20

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What’s New was written and read by Chisel and Greg

editorial by Greg

TOTW with Ariel and friend, on anger

1. The Pogues – Worm Song
2. Yoshi Wada – Earth Horns with Electric Drone (Part 1)
3. Emotions Songs – Angry Song

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What will people do if they are coerced to accept it: refusing entry to buy food or travel etc? Will people actually support each other or are most too far gone and take it?

Its time to join the herd or else become a Stirnerian and treat it the same way you would treat a bee sting ;)

Then you probably wont be forced to take a vaccine since anti-vax is really strong. Most of that is more or less a reaction against children being forced to take a vaccine and there just isn't the political infrastructure available to make adults get vaccinated, and hopefully there never will be...

You can thank the right-wing libertarians and their obsession with individual rights for this anti-vac freedom. Its ironic that US statists can actually create something non-totalitarian, but there you go, and its preferable to the mealy-mouthed liberal regulations sweeping the globe.

beyond any sort of helpful/benevolent reform...

it's interesting though that even though i was always skeptical about the idea that people should be forced to have vaccines, there was one in the 70's that paralyzed people according to CNN, the one that was supposed treat against swine flu...

yeah if your an american, definetly give up on activism, or if you're gonna be activist do it based on direct action. It's funny to me all the people who even think the next presidential election is so important...

i thought that vaccines were always safe but my higher attention to the news right now has seemed to prove me wrong.

democracies i guess could hypothetically work if people were evolutionarily disigned to be information harvesting bureaucrats...

it's difficult to do since you can't see it, you can only continue doing what buddhism/minfulness has been telling us to do: Accept your suffering, don't cling to this short existence you have here. Now that there is a deadly virus going around, that's just one more thing that can kill you. As the nihilist maxim goes: you are going to die one day.

And of course, reach out for help when you need it.

Ode to Covid-19.

It is us without bodies who blow in the wind,
And seek the warmth of your breathing organ,
There is no walking for our kind,
We swirl in the dust of your frantic human adventures,
And settle on the paper muzzles that filter your air,
Which secure your ravenous jaws from our occupancy,
Then you will sit smug inside your prison cell,
With your hysterical malice filling the void,
And listen to the plans to destroy our species,
From entering your already extinct urban wasteland,
Not realising that this horror is your eternal fat

yeah it's fucking terrible that it's going to be the poor/under-privledged who die in this pandemic. What can we use our anger to do here? I don't fucking know, it's like unresolved anger has the power to eat us from the inside out.

so do you always use this 4:1 ratio of shitposts to halfway reasonable comments when spamming threads responding to yourself (clearly the preceding comments were by you as well)? or do you like to switch it up?

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