Anews Podcast 168 – 6.19.20

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Welcome to the anews podcast. This podcast is on anarchist activity, ideas, and conversations from the previous week on

What’s New was written and read by Chisel and Greg

Editorial by Greg: Race and Podcasting
Thanks to Ariel and friends, including Peter Lamborn Wilson, for talking about the ToTW.

1. X – White Girl
2. Erik Satie – Gnossienne no. 1
3. Erik Satie – Gnossienne no. 2

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what a tremendous episode! so great to hear from Peter (and Jim!). T.A.Z. was my first ("proper") anarchist text (expertly rescued from an unappreciative captor in '92 or '93).… really interesting conversation, how the ideas contrast to the current struggles, how they (the ideas and PLW's views) have (slightly?) changed over the years! big thanks to all involved.

I found it pretty boring. Even so, Ariel did a good job. What parts did you find interesting specifically, rfa?

the best parts! the super interesting parts! the parts that only the dullest of people would find "boring." those parts! and more! also, good job on your reply, anon18:42. exceptional spelling AND punctuation.

Best parts? The parts where they we're heaping praise on the Occupy movement, comrade?

too bad that that's all you got out of the participation of two veterans of many anarchist conversations.
not saying they have all the answers, but then, as anarchists we're not looking for people with all the answers, right? RIGHT?
as for the rest, i don't think i was especially on my game for this "what's new", so, i'll take that criticism.
also, what a half-assed commie-baiting. are you saying that anyone who enjoyed the totw is a communist? what does comrade as a bad word mean exactly anyway? come on, anon, commit! oh jeez, what am i saying!?
never mind...

Tell me more about these "Veterans"...

All gave some, some gave all...

if it ain't about hurricanes, this guy ain't interested. everything that isn't wILd nAtuRe is dismissed with an authoritative, authoritarian 'sooo boooring lol'

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