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Welcome to the anews podcast. This podcast is on anarchist activity, ideas, and conversations from the previous week on

What’s New was written and read by Chisel and Greg

Thanks to Ariel and friend for talking about the ToTW: Eco-fascism


  1. Shellac – Dog and Pony Show
  2. Earth We’re In It Together

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Regarding the TOTW discussion:

I think that the scenario of Eco-Fascism becoming a prominent feature in the coming years as the right cynically embraces environmental and climate concerns for political gain is much less likely than what I think will be the greater trend: bare-faced jingoistic extractivism (a la Trump and Bolsonaro) on both sides, right, left and center (think of Trudeau and pipelines and fracking).

Any politician in most of the world can just stand up and hold a smartphone in their hands and say "are you going to stop using these? didn't think so." and keep on churning what they need to keep electricity, wifi, water and a steady stream of products into their homes. Even politicians in places more directly affected by intensive industries and extractivism like in South America and China etc. can pull that rhetoric and those policies off with no effective opposition. In other places the only rhetoric is and will be that of drones bombing and machines drilling, boring, grinding and hauling.

Eco-fascism will never have as much appeal or political effectiveness as real life Techno-Democratic-Capitalism (three terms sound redundant). In fact, I think the term is for the most part mobilized as a tool serving the interests of the latter.

all fascism has almost always "serv[ed] the interests" of what you call "democratic-capitalism", specifically when it starts getting a little too democratic for the liking of the capitalists.

thats when the rich change the game and say - "actually, i think we'll just kill off a bunch of you and start over!"

then when the dust clears and all the undesirables have been dealt with, "liberal democracy" can go back to lending it's illusion of legitimacy to the whole show. rinse and repeat

Yeah and like its a binary script similar to the good cop/bad cop routine but on an international stage.

the totw made me think of how people like the rockefellers are moving out of oil, and saying things about how the reason that they are doing so is for the good of the environment. recently they took most, maybe all of their money, out of oil, and are both investing into "new", "environmental" forms of energy. and positioning themselves to continually dominate north american energy production. they want to be seen by the masses as saviors of the environment, while continuing course. of course they can see the end of the oil empire they built, and would like to convince "the people" that they have seen the misdeeds of their path, and now want to be "good stewards". in reality there is too much political pressure in the oil arena, and they are moving on to new things. in my mind, these are the top ring of "eco-fascists".

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