Anews Podcast, #87 10.26.18

  • Posted on: 28 October 2018
  • By: thecollective

Editorial: Roads to Nowhere, by Rocinante
TOTW: A Rose is a Rose, with Aragorn! and Sport

sound edited by Linn O'mable

what's new was written by jackie and narrated by chisel and Dim

Music!  1) Nobuo Uematsu - Main Theme Of Final Fantasy VII
2) Brandon Seabrook - Synonymph
3) Matmos - Roses and Teeth for Ludwig Wittegenstein
4) Tim Hecker - In Death Valley

The Redacted segment is by Suds, et al.

Thanks to Aragorn! and Sport

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a reply to his claim that he and Alice had had their 'open source account' closed by Aragorn! because JZ refused to be a guest on the Brilliant? Is there any truth to this?

I provided JZ and his wife FREE hosting services for nearly 15 years. This is true. I have no idea what an open source account is but I realize a lot of people think that "open source" is them getting things for free, so I guess that makes a kind of sense. I didn't realize how personal JZ's attitude was towards me ("I have zero respect for Aragorn!"). I thought we were disagreeing about how important AP was. Once I did realize how disrespected I was, I asked them to move away from the free resource I had been giving, what I believed to be, my friends.

Zerzan has displayed zero respect for anarchism ( and critical reasoning ) since the early noughties so this is another nail in Aragorns coffin. Before anyone heard of ITS I was wondering out loud what happened to the anarchist content on LBC. Then ITS blew up - now this. Three strikes Aragorn - so begone. YOU have zero respect for us - we can have none for you.

Lol, what are you even talking about, who are you talking to?

He's the nutty professor.

I have to say John did say those words last week with some emotion, like he was hurt too. You both seem hurt through a misunderstanding? Maybe, you both need to clarify and see if you both could at least 'part',so to speak, with both dignity and mutual respect and call it a day?

keep dreaming. JZ is a grudge-holder. he even breaks off friendships based on who his other friends don't like any more...

I have just listened to Number 2, I think it's OK. Preston brings up the increasing gap between wage incomes which is also a huge issue in the UK and yet, it rarely gets any traction. Like Preston says, the direction is definitely going towards a re-modeled version of serfdom and workhouses etc. Also, he describes people as slowly gravitating towards tribalism: birds of a feather flock together which brings up a dystopia on the near horizon. I mention the podcast as a reminder to ANews possibly putting together a list of podcasts of interests to the anarchist space.

Did I miss some more JZ caterwauling?

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