Anews Podcast 99, 1.18.2018

Welcome to the anews podcast. This is episode 99. This podcast covers anarchist activity, ideas, and conversations from the previous week on

Editorial: by Dim
TOTW: What Non-anarchists influenced you?, with Aragorn! and Ariel

This podcast is the effort of many people. This episode was

sound edited by Linn O'Mable<
what's new was written by Jackie and narrated by Chisel and Dim
Redacted with SUDS, et al
1) Limp Bizkit - Break Stuff (Belly Basarte cover)
2) Virus - Dripping Into Orbit
3) Lovage - Book of the Month

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This could be a TOTW or a discussion for the two AAs or even an editorial for ANews podcast? More and more people are asking people to donate; donate to something in some cases which was previously being given; given because those who produced wanted to produce out of passion for what they were producing: NOW, YOU GOTTA PAY!!! Furthermore, many producers are now saying if you want to hear additional details of their content, critique etc then you HAVE to pay up!!! Surely, the point of a producer is to get their message across to people, as people as possible? Next, podcasts, for example, will go extinct because there is no longer any money in it? Are people now trying to make a living out of something they would previously have given out of passion? There are even levels of Patreon donations where the donor can get content BEFORE anyone else, additional content, have their name read out (whoopee!) and even get to meet the producer (celebs???)! Is this capitalism co-opting yet again? The producers cry out "But this content takes a lot of energy to do" etc. Well, don't fuckin' do it then could be a response? Or the producer threatens to put adverts in their podcast! Oh no, not adverts...OK, I'll pay the demand. So how about this whole Patreon thang getting some discussion/debate time? Personally, I don't donate; never will.

Bellamy and 'Corrosive Consciousness' was mentioned early on in this podcast regarding the thread being 'lost' when ANews went down. The conversation between Aragorn! and Bellamy didn't actually discuss the content and critique of Bellamy's regarding anarcho-primitivism. I know Aragorn! has his differences with AP also, so how about both Aragorn! and Bellamy doing a joint critique of AP without being caustic (nod to you Aragorn!)?

I've said everything I have to say about this issue, ad nauseam. It's all in the book, and the amendments are in The Brilliant #91 - that episode "didn't actually discuss the content and critique" because it would have taken probably two episodes on its own, and even then would only have been a rehash of what I had already written (and said on podcasts in the past). I am no longer interested in continuing a feud that is now a few years old and quite repetitive at this point - I'm much more interested in discussing the kinds of things we're featuring in /Backwoods/.

Bellamy, I sent you an email and money for your book about ten days ago. Haven't heard anything in reply.

Please check your email.

The point of mentioning the brilliant in the editorial wasn’t to get bellamy or anyone to continue talking about it, it was a different point, not a good or particularly thought out one, but a different one...

Any free online editions planned, Bellamy? Should I venture in thinking that's just about cashing-in from long-winded online arguments found in here and on the Anti-civ forum, by bringing those interested in pursuing to purchase offline publications? As with the tendency of privatizing ideas and relations previously developed in open spaces, it tends to be attracting a lot of interesting (or interested) people, tho how is this not a same old capitalist trick, I wonder.

I'm honestly interested in whatever's inside Backwoods, and not with much hostile predisposition, but wouldn't be ordering it.

Did you know that masturbation eases anxiety? You should try it before typing. Also, do you know what’s involved with physically producing a book/journal?

The same as for alcohol or any other Soma? Just like these drugs, masturbation generates its own need, a regular demand for a release of opiates in the brain. Very short and partial benefit.Plus, the fact I still do masturbate is the standing proof of how useless that is, no? So this is where you shut up.

I know. "what’s involved with physically producing a book/journal". You don't have to. You do the production work (or more likely make it done by others, ha) with the goal of selling it and making it profitable. Or you may also be investing 15,000$ out of your several-years long economies on free copies handed away to people who can't afford.

I'm going to just focus on the first paragraph, because it's beautiful.

Squirt Squirt

"masturbation generates its own need, a regular demand for a release of opiates in the brain"

bro, if you can teach mens how to release opiates in their brains from masturbating you gonna be so rich affording books/journals will be no problem at all!

shit you just might cause world peace.

Of course I was referring to neurochemicals like dopamine metaphorically as "opiates". They produce a similar sensation, even if brief due to our biological limitations.

Just read your interview of Layla; Bellamy, what did you make of her answers? Could you update your Backwoods interview by providing your thoughts?

Anarchist News and the Brilliant are my two favorite anarchist podcasts by far. AB may disagree with this but both are far closer to the finest traditions in European thought than anything on the Channel Zero network.

Anyone know if it's true that Channel Zero vetoed them from being added to the CZ network?

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