Anews Podcast - episode 86 Oct 19, 2018

  • Posted on: 22 October 2018
  • By: thecollective

Welcome to the anews podcast. This is episode 86 for October 19, 2018. This podcast covers anarchist activity, ideas, and conversations from the previous week on

Editorial by Aragorn!
TOTW: North American Anarchism

This podcast is the effort of many people. This episode was
* sound edited by Linn O'mable
* written by jackie and narrated by chisel and Dim
* Music! 1) Naked City - Perfume of a Critic's Burning Flesh
2) Tim Hecker - A sodium codec haze
3) ZSK - Antifascista
4) Rammstein - Amerika

* Thanks to Aragorn! and a member of the collective for the topic of the week
* Contact us at

Introduction to anarchism:
Books and other anarchist material:
News and up to the minute commentary:



dude, chisel, hilarious! Not sure if you understand the difference between transhumanism and posthumanism...but ok. As far as women and as far as non dudes go, you might have noticed this was the first books podcast w/out not a not dude. Also, the kind of not dudes we bring on are generally people who give no fucks about that discourse. Also, there are already plans for not dudes to host podcasts in this series but that isn't because of their not dudeliness but because they are friends we think are smart and we like. But, leftism runs deep, so i get it. finally, the person doing the sound has no interest in "our world" but is a friend who likes doing audio for their own sake. Sometimes in life, if we ask questions instead of make assumptions, we might get to what we want, unless all we are after is publicly displaying our ressentiment, which i also get ;)

other than that, as you were.

non-white anarchist space? I heard you on The Brilliant and it is clearly of much interest to you?

on this topic, decided to never speak again. i'll be over in the corner.
maybe doing sound. ;)

great job. you come across as genuine. i'm sure you'd be good on sound but I would have you up front and getting into dialogue and ideas. Please consider it at least? Re Britain and whether it's a white/black dynamic or a class thing; it's both. A great book is Natives by Akala would be a great source for you. I live in Britain and Akala has done a great book. He's also done a couple of youtube interviews. Afua Hirsh has written another Black British book. Chisel, please think about breaking out and doing your own piece. You come over just fine.

but i'm happy to add akala and afua to it. thanks for the recommendations. and i'm more likely to write something in response, than to speak it, but we'll see...

i'm reading this now and it's really good. excellent weaving together of historical, cross cultural, and personal perspectives, i'm appreciating his humor (though i'm not getting all the britishisms and cultural touchpoints, of course), and his perspective. he says a thing that i've thought for ages, which is that white people need to be working on racism because it fucks with *our* lives, it impoverishes us, rather than trying to be, or acting as, saviors for other folks. i am also glad that he's not just talking about anti-black racism, though that's obviously the main lens.
anyway, i'm only half way through this, but it's definitely working for me.

Glad you decided to get Akala. Another very good book on the Black British perpective of today is 'Why I'm No Longer Speaking to White People About Race' by Reni Eddo-Lodge. As with Akala, she goes beyond race into class and gender. David Olusoga gives a Black British historical perspective. I'm currently reading 'Slay in You Lane' (The Black Girls Bible) by two British Black females: Yomi Adegoke and Elizabeth Uviebinené. As a White British male, there is so much British history and Black British culture that I had no idea of because schools, mainstream media, British institutions do not put it out there: they make you have to look for it which shouldn't be the case. Black British people have, through the internet, set up their own black spaces. Racism is still alive and kicking in Britain. Reni does worthwhile interviews on Youtube. There is also a very good video on Youtube called 'Injustice' (2001). This tells you about British policing in relation to Black people.

"sometimes the world [of gendered divisions of labor] is what it is and there's not much we can do about that except make the best of it."

Rydra Wrong, making the best of the Patriarchy under the cloak of an ironically aloof and detached post-left politics...

You're definitely not helping egoisms' awful public relations problem by making a pod about it with 4 neckbeards doing the talking and 1 woman doing the work

1, if you can't laugh about something it owns you
2. I don't care about any isms "public relations problem" especially egoism.
3. still not sure what a neckbeard is, but I don't like to shave so?

laughter does not preclude ownership.
try again?

Neckbeard's meaning has morphed over the last few years, it's true!

Latest definition looks something like: smug, self-aggrandizing, know-it-alls who never stfu online. (Usually white)

You used to need a fedora and a samurai sword but times change!

Now that you mention it, I would like to get this cleared up! I'm smug, self-aggrandizing, a know-it-all and never stfu BUT I'm poor and I don't have a beard, and my samurai sword was stolen by some indigenous youths, AND I'm a nihilist. Am I a neckbeard?

This is ill news! Now you must grow out your neckbeard and cut it off again, to regain your honour!

Hey plast? With such a low threshold for what makes someone "look like a terrorist", your liberalism is showing ;)

Hi Aragorn! James Corbett does expand on this video. He does put forward his ideas of 'what is to be done.' You dismiss him so easily, the loss is yours. Look through his body of work. His work is a fantastic resource. He puts forward alternative stories to the ones fed to us by mainstream outlets. You say you want people to know of any alternatives and then perhaps something will done done: Corbett is part of the body who is publishing alternative stories, just as you do with Little Black Cart.

Can you link to material where he talks about solutions rather than just explaining to his audience not to trust the UN?

Not sure if you're understanding that anarchists don't usually require basic critiques of the media and geopolitics. We get it.

Corbett has a search feature for his site. Also, do ALL anarchists really know as much as they claim to? Additionally, ANews is for anarcho-curious, right? I find it useful to go over 'familiar' issues to keep my analysis sharp and help when explaining my views to others, and as personal reminders. And please inform as to what advanced critiques look like? Corbett, through out his work, discusses voluntary relationships emphasising that personal energy, responsibility and motivation are required to make it happen.

I already searched his site ... I'm suggesting that you can't do this because he doesn't say much of substance beyond the critiques I already mentioned.

I'm not speaking for all anarchists, just pointing out that Corbett's target audience is probably somewhere in the Chomsky neighbourhood.


Hopefully every anarchist already knows that.

anarchists or not. I've watched or listened most of his matetial. He offers solutions throughout his work as he goes and, as his site is based on contributions, there are solutions and ideas provided in the comments too. If you're hoping to find 'The Solution by Corbett' video, you won't find it. He isn't leftist in that he typically advocates markets.He advcates face-to-face as opposed to online. He doesn't think violence is effective: that education, critical thinking is the first step and maybe the momentum from that will forge a different path. He helps people make sense of the world around them and for people to find their own solutions by first understanding they really are being duped and explains how with evidence. People have to be able to articulate how they are being oppressed to each other be that in the family, workplace, school etc. He must be doing a good job because his work has gained traction. It is well presented without any swearing. He does become disillusioned due to the apathy of people. It is up to us to organise. It isn't rocket science. The solutions are common sense. For example, keep drinking water clean. If we don't, we die.

Nobody is taking issue with the message.

Aragorn said there's nothing much there except critique of the media and the UN and I happen to agree. You're suggesting that's wrong but you can't point to anything specific.

Corbett is stuck (like everyone else) on what to actually DO about any of these problems besides making videos. Blaming everyone for their apathy is admitting that your theory of informing everyone isn't actually going to do much. Look at what happened to Snowden.

energies into asking "What is to be done?" Do we want want to be 'unstuck?' Maybe, not so many of us do? Layla AbdelRahim asks what are people willing to give up? SUDS asked JZ what it would take for him to stop Anarchy Radio. Maybe, "What is to be done?" ought to be the focus? What are people willing to do? Find out if there is the will? Maybe, it's pointless and that is what is to be done answered? Compromise, is that on the table?

The pointlessness point is always pretty pathetic IMO!

But regardless, rapid climate change already has and will continue taking things from people, whether they are willing to give them up or not.

very nice to see the text of the editorial. The failure of criticism:

Hahaha, Chisel's shade is beautiful!

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